Tuesday, December 10, 2013

visiting great grandma for the 1st time

Last Tuesday Charlotte and I picked up my parents and we went and visited my grandmother. She has been having some issues with mini strokes/seizures so my aunt, Janice, is here for a visit from California so Charlotte got to meet her great-grandmother and great-aunt for the first time in the same day.

My 90 year old grandma lives in a care home and to be completely honest, I have avoided bringing Charlotte there. Call me a paranoid mom but I wanted to wait a bit before bringing her to a place filled with sick elderly folks - 'tis the cold and flu season after all.

The guilt was racking up and I was missing her dearly so I was so glad to make the trip. And when my grandma saw Charlotte for the first time, I was so glad we went. She sobbed tears of joy. Her reaction was priceless.

We had such a great visit and it was so good to catch up with everyone. It got me thinking about my relationship with my grandparents and how I can't wait to see how Charlotte's relationship with her two sets of grandparents is going to develop. If she has half as good an experience with them as I did with mine, she is one lucky girl!

Meeting for the first time. Janet Bower's fourth great-grandchild.

Great-niece meets great-aunt.
Charlotte was a big fan of all the beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Me, Charlotte and my aunt Janice.
So glad we visited and made this special introduction.
Family is truly the most important thing.

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