Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

our photographer

Can't wait to see what kind of magic she creates for us out of our special day! Check her out!

photographer interviews, house hunting and a wet soccer game

friday ... We went and started our registry at The Bay but have since changed our mind. The Bay is SO expensive and over priced that we are going to go a different route for our registry. Not 100% sure of what yet though. Then we went to White Spot with Alli, Rob and Peyton. We ran to Wal-Mart to drop off a prescription and went home to hang out with them some more but 5 minutes into a movie, both Rob and Allison were passed out on the couch so we snuck downstairs and went to bed early.

saturday ... Went to the gym first thing in the morning. Then off to storage, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. Lots of running around. Then home to clean up and off to my cousin Suzi's place for a going away party for Kristen and Rob (moving to New Zealand). Had to leave semi-early because Lexxus was in the car so we went home and snuggled on the couch (all three of us of course) and watched "Freddy vs. Jason". Can't believe I have never seen it but I thoroughly enjoyed the ridiculousness about it :)

sunday ... Rainy, horrible soccer game (we lost 2-0 - BOO). Off to Chad's parent's house to meet with a photographer and have some lunch. Then off to look at a house with my mom and Jim. I am hoping this house goes through. A bit more than we wanted to spend but I am in love. It is perfect for what we wanted (as close to it as I think we will get). The builder is crunching some numbers and getting back to us this week so hopefully I will have an update soon. Off to do some grocery shopping and home for pizza and a yummy spinach salad. So sleepy - just read for a bit and we were out before 9!

Monday, November 16, 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Friday ... We hopped into the car as soon as I got home from work and went to the snow and ski show at Tradex. Did the rounds there and then headed back to Grove to see A Christmas Carol. Enjoyed some Burger King (it HATED me later on - yuck) while waiting for the movie and got into the Christmas spirit!

Saturday ... Went and had brunch at Tara's house. She made yummy french toast, bacon and yogurt parfaits! Then we talked wedding stuff (surprise, surprise) and went to the Circle Craft Fair at Canada Place. Had my first egg nog latte from Starbucks and I was in love! Bought a Christmas ornament for Chad and I. Went to the Harley store and Costco for more Christmas shopping. Then to her place for a bottle of wine before we met up with Adrienne (an old College friend) for dinner at Havana's. Yummy! Then home to find Chad and Rob drunk and paying Wii so I HAD to join in :)

Sunday ... Had a FREEZING soccer game where we lost and even put a goal into our own net. Not good, not good at all! Went home to thaw out and then did some grocery shopping before heading to my parent's house to talk house buying. Got in the car and looked at 2 places that we have appointments to see after work today. Exciting times :) Home to bed!

Monday, November 9, 2009

i'm ENGAGED!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009 = Magic!

Friday, November 6, 2009

toy monster ...

weekend plans ...

this weekend I plan to:
  • cuddle with Chad
  • kick ass at soccer on Sunday
  • go where the wind blows me
I love not having too many plans - probably the last weekend for this before Christmas. What are you up to?

Monday, November 2, 2009


abbey and ainsley's 2009 halloween night

monday morning update ... happy halloween weekend!

Friday ... Had Indian food (yummy) with Alli and Rob. Then went back home and upstairs for drinks and watched Trick r Treat (boo - wanted a scary Halloween movie but this was not one of those). Chad was so tired that he went to bed at about 10 and I stayed up watching TV and drinking wine by myself. Quite nice and cozy actually.

Saturday ... Chad made me french toast and then we did some grocery shopping. Then got ready and headed to Jim and Dixie's for the annual Halloween party. Only about 20 people there but it was so much fun (as always). Most likely the last one in that house so it was a night to remember :)

Sunday ... Woke up super early from sleeping on my parent's floor WITH Chad's dog on top of me - ha ha. Went to McDick's for breaky (cannot remember the last time I have eaten there) and then home. Was so cold so it took me forever to warm up but then I finally crashed again for a few hours - my day was so screwed up with the time change. Woke up in time for our 2 pm soccer game in Surrey. We lost 2 to 1 - BOO! Then home to take Chad out to look at a house (not impressed) and then Lasagna dinner and Transformers 2.

hello Christmas ...