Tuesday, January 31, 2012

recent viewings

I thought I had already seen "War of the Worlds" when we picked it up for $3.00 at Christmas time but when we watched it the other night, I realized I hadn't. There were way too many cheesy moments for me to full appreciate this movie but the overall concept that aliens have been watching us since the beginning of man-kind kind of shook me to the bones. Tom Cruise was hilarious as the lead role but there was way too much forced acting from Dakota Fanning and the kid who played Tom's son. Typical Steve Spielberg - big noises, big effects and big actors. I have no desire to see it again but I didn't fall asleep through it either :)

A lady that I work with loaned me this movie yesterday so Chad and I watched it last night. It was slow and choppy but had both adorable and sad moments mixed with hilarious jokes and scenes. I rarely cry during movies but there was one part when I teared up a bit - cancer is a tough subject for me and they covered it really well in this film. Chad loved it which isn't always the case so it must have been pretty good :)

oh heart

tuesday quote

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Monday, January 30, 2012

my new favourite snack

Try it! So good and I don't even like yogurt usually. My favourite so far is the 0% Pomegranate - all I taste is the fruit!

my weekend

I had the most amazing, frustrating, loving and difficult weekend that I have had in a long time. I have been in quite the funk since 2012 started and it is time to get out of it - now. I have to make a choice to be happy in my day-to-day life with what I have and I have to stop trying to change things.

Friday I had a great night catching up with my friend Tara. Dinner and drinks at Milestones followed by manicures at Spa Pure in Langley.

Saturday and Sunday were all about family - which I love. Lunch with Chad's Grandma and lots of time with our nephew Curtis on Saturday. Then Sunday we spent the day looking after our twin niece Sidney and nephew Chance.

There were lots of cuddles and laughs over the weekend but there was a dark shadow hovering not too far above me - I have been picking fights with the hubby, being super defensive and over-analyzing EVERYTHING ... basically I am letting THE EGO get the best of me and this has to stop - NOW.

This was what I found first thing this morning on Facebook - starting to realize that the universe really does give you all the inspiration you need as long as you are looking ...

"Difficult times are the greatest opportunities in disguise. When we face difficult times we have to put in determined work to get ourselves into Joy. But let me tell you, when you can get yourself into Joy despite what is happening around you, your life must change - it's the law! In addition, as you become Joy in difficult times you are becoming the master of your emotions, the master of your life, and the master of the law of attraction. Difficult times are your greatest opportunity to practice yourself into Joy." ~ From The Secret Scrolls by Rhonda Byrne

P.S. And just because Heart always puts a smile on my face ... have a great Monday friends!

follow me ...

Pretty excited about Instagram these days. So many fun photos and tidbits to share! Follow my journey here:

Friday, January 27, 2012

does your relationship drive you crazy?

I found this article incredibly interesting, comforting and inspiring at this present moment in my life. Anyone who is married can always use a bit of a reminder as to why we got married in the first place. With all the Hollywood splits these days (Demi/Ashton, Heidi/Seal, etc.) you might be like me and start questioning "what does it actually take to make a marriage work?" Apparently laughter is a major part of the recipe that works. Read on and be inspired!

friday heart

new blogs to follow

Check out these two adorable new blogs I randomly found online today. Definitely must reads!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

sick but i still have heart!

I have been so sick the last two days ... AGAIN! I must be a medical miracle - I cannot believe that I was sick just before Christmas and now another sinus infection/head cold (not sure which) has taken over my body. I slept from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm, got up and made dinner (I was starving so it is definitely not the flu) and then went to bed from 7:00 pm and slept through until 7:00 am this morning. I have an event this afternoon until 6:30 pm and all I have the energy to do today is daydream about going back to bed.

These are the days that I praise all the Momma Bears out there - I have zero clue how they take care of their families and themselves at the same time!? Craziness - great job ladies (and the Papa Bears out there too)!

At least Heart keeps me smiling ... and the sun is shining. Small blessings.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

instagram - tattoo

Chad's tattoo to celebrate his dad's side of the family. Love all of his artwork!

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heart always makes my day!

instagram - our puppy

My favourite girl!!

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instagram - my work space

Where I spend my time planning and organizing business events Monday to Friday.

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my latest favourite iphone app

Do you love Instagram but want to do more with it? Check this out ...

TypoInsta ... Only $1.99 and so worth it!

Also - CLICK HERE for a list of other Instagram Apps! So much to do with one little phone and one little photo! Enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

my inspiration

Check out the MY INSPIRATION tab on the right hand side of this blog. I have expanded the list of blogs I follow through Google Reader so you can see what inspires me on a daily basis. Tons of great reads - check them out and follow them too!

new blog to follow

Check out this adorable blog that I just stumbled across on bloglovin' ...

found even more inspiration in my inbox today

Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret and The Power 

From The Secret Daily Teachings
If you have a problem with a member of your family who is negative, begin by writing a list of all the things you appreciate about that person. Remember to include gratitude to them for giving you a great desire for positivity in your life; because that is a gift they are giving you. As you focus with all of your strength on appreciation, you will not only reduce your exposure to the negativity, but at the same time you will be attracting positive people into your life.
Get yourself on to the appreciation frequency, and the law of attraction can only surround you with people who are in a positive state.
May the joy be with you,
Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing joy to billions

my focus for 2012

I am not a religious person but I do feel that as I grow older, I am doing a lot of personal spiritual research and learning. I don't believe in all that is written here but the part that is in bold is something that I MUST learn and put into practice this year.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

Reinhold Niebuhr

my 'just because' flowers

I am so grateful for Chad - my husband and my best friend. Thanks for lifting my spirits when I need it the most! Xo

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

happy birthday grandma bower

My dad's mom turned 89 on January 21st and we went and wished her a happy birthday today. This year's gifts included lucky bamboo and chocolates.

Grandma Bower is one of my most favourite people in the world. I have memories filled with love, hugs, laughs, knitting, tea, Golden Girls, grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup when I think of her.

She was a huge part of my childhood and I know that I am the woman I am today in part because of her. I inherited her love of taking her of people, her obsession with the written word and her talent for arts and crafts.

Thank you Grandma. Today I honor you for being my role model, my friend and the best hugger in the world. Xo

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

go canucks go!

Canucks beat the Sharks 4 to 3. Started out slow but the boys sure picked it up in the last period!

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chance's first haircut

What a little prince!

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Friday, January 20, 2012


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watching and loving

Our friend Leah suggested that Chad would love the series "Spartacus" so I got it for him for his birthday. I don't think he was super impressed by the gift because he didn't ask for it but we have started watching it and we are most definitely HOOKED. I highly recommend this series ... just get ready for lots of death and sex. Definitely not a family friendly show but adults will love the story line. Happy Friday friends!


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rip sarah burke

"On January 19, 2012, the snow industry lost an icon. Sarah Burke, freeskiing pioneer, six-time X Games gold medalist, beloved wife, daughter, aunt and friend passed away. Sarah was truly a legendary athlete, role model and an inspiration. She was everything so many of us aspire to be." ~ Michael Spencer

I have no idea why one of Canada's top athletes would have any medical bills whatsoever left-over after passing away - no matter which country she was training in - but we can help her family. Click here to access the Sarah Burke Fundraiser to help her family deal with the burden of her outstanding medical bills.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

9 years ago ...

9 years ago today I lost my father to cancer. I can't believe how time flies ... days melt into weeks, weeks melt into months and then years just become memories. Today I celebrate the man who became my closest confidant as I became a young adult. He was taken from me just when I was getting to know him ... one day I know I will get to continue that relationship and until then I will save a piece of birthday cake for him!

Cheers to health, wealth, love and happiness Gord. You are missed. You are loved. xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am loving this "Karma Cleanse" that I saw on a blog in my daily Google Reader scanning. This SCREAMS how I am feeling at this present moment in time!

I am loving that it is my time at the library to read Steve Jobs' biography. Now I just have to find over the next two weeks to read it before it is someone else's turn!

Monday, January 9, 2012


Reading ... I really enjoyed the first two books by Mr. Larsson but they do take me a while to get through so it will be a bit before I get to reading on my new Kobo that I got for Christmas. Having a few glitches with it so that will give me time to fix it without freaking out :) Started reading a "Beginner's Bible" on the weekend too. Not sure my feelings around it but it has always been on my "to do" list so I guess 2012 is the year!

Listening to ... Tara and I decided that our "buddy goal" for 2012 is to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and I think Eckhart Tolle is going to be my buddy to keep me on task with this one! I will be listening to him to and from work so hopefully he will keep me grounded on a daily basis.

Watching ... We are going to start the first season of "Six Feet Under" when I pick it up from the library. I used to watch this show with my mom and it was so good so I am pretty sure Chad will enjoy it. We are Dexter fans afterall :) We watched "Never Let Me Go" last night (well - Chad left half-way through because he was super sized bored) and I think this is one of those movies that is probably an excellent book but it just translated into a long, boring drawn out movie. Too slow. Oh well - that is what the library is for - checking out things you might not if you had to pay for them!