Tuesday, January 31, 2012

recent viewings

I thought I had already seen "War of the Worlds" when we picked it up for $3.00 at Christmas time but when we watched it the other night, I realized I hadn't. There were way too many cheesy moments for me to full appreciate this movie but the overall concept that aliens have been watching us since the beginning of man-kind kind of shook me to the bones. Tom Cruise was hilarious as the lead role but there was way too much forced acting from Dakota Fanning and the kid who played Tom's son. Typical Steve Spielberg - big noises, big effects and big actors. I have no desire to see it again but I didn't fall asleep through it either :)

A lady that I work with loaned me this movie yesterday so Chad and I watched it last night. It was slow and choppy but had both adorable and sad moments mixed with hilarious jokes and scenes. I rarely cry during movies but there was one part when I teared up a bit - cancer is a tough subject for me and they covered it really well in this film. Chad loved it which isn't always the case so it must have been pretty good :)

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