Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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MOVIE ... One Week with Joshua Jackson
One Word - Amazing. LOVED this movie and recommend it to all. I was so happy when Chad picked it up for me at a neighbour's garage sale. We sat down and watched it Sunday night after a long and busy weekend and it was a perfect end to the evening. Not only does it make me re-appreciate the fact the beauty that IS British Columbia, it also made me put my thinking cap on and re-evaluate my Dad's battle with cancer and my (relatively) new relationship with Chad. It was so well done - I knew I would like but I would for sure have to say that I beyond liked it - a movie to watch over and over again for sure!

BOOK ... Uncharted TerriTORI by Tori Spelling
I am not going to lie. I LOVE Tori Spelling. I was not a fan of hers when she was on 90210. I didn't think she could act. I hated the fact that her love interest on the show (Brian Austin Green) was the only good looking guy and SHE got him. I totally jumped on the "Tori-Spelling-Has-A-Horse-Face-And-Gross-Boobs" band wagon but that was before her shows on Slice and her books. Now I just look at her as an ambitious, loving mother and wife. Honestly - she is one of those people you read about in the tabloids who just seems so oddly normal that you can't help wanting to be her friend. So Ms. Tori - if by any chance you are reading this send me a note - we can do lunch with Stella and Liam :)

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Yep! Pretty sure!

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chad and chance ... just hanging out

saturday, august 14, 2010

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another favourite

sunday's visit with grandma bower

what curtis did ALL weekend long!

mother of the bride

Momma Dix and Jimmy went shopping for the Mother of the Bride outfit and found a FANTASTIC Jackie O inspired ensemble for the amazing sale price of $55 - taxes in! Now it is onto shoe and bra shopping but she is going to look amazing on the big day! Can't wait to see what Momma V is going to wear!

maybe ...

This is the reason that my wedding dress is a bit tighter than when I first tried it on! Dinner with Mother of the Bride at Troll's in Coquitlam after first dress fitting. Hey - at least it was AFTER the first dress fitting - ha ha! DELICIOUS!

Friday, August 13, 2010

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Have a great weekend!

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a sneak peak of my stagette weekend in penticton

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

recent movies

Unfortunately ... they were all either so-so or not good at all. Oh well ... at least I got some snuggles and snacks in with Chad and Lexxus! Small victories!