Thursday, February 28, 2013

today's inspiration

Feeling the ho hum rainy day blues for the last couple of days so my writing/creative juices are definitely not flowing. So - instead of a witty journal entry - you get a heavy dose of happy inspiration on this Thursday. Enjoy friends! xo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

have you seen zeitgeist the movie?

Have you watched Zeitgeist The Movie or any of the subsequent films by Peter Joseph

The concept is pretty radical but if even half of the information is true, we are in trouble world. BIG trouble. I don't want to upset any Christians, Americans (specifically the President of the United States) or finance professionals but this documentary blew my mind. 

Zeitgeist: The Movie is a 2007 documentary film by Peter Joseph. It presents a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, including the Christ myth theory, alternative theories for the parties responsible for the September 11 attacks in 2001 and that bankers manipulate the international monetary system and the media in order to consolidate power.
The film was released online on June 18, 2007, on[1] While the film has been praised by some for the professional-level quality of its pacing and editing, and for its compelling narrative, it has been criticized for factual inaccuracies and the quality of its arguments, with critics describing it as "agitprop" and "propaganda".[2][3][4][5] A sequel, Zeitgeist: Addendum, focuses further on the monetary system and advocates a resource-based social system influenced by the ideas of Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Following Zeitgeist: Addendum, Peter Joseph created an organization called the Zeitgeist Movement to promote the ideas of Fresco's Venus Project.[6][7][8][9] An updated version of the original film was produced in 2010 entitled Zeitgeist: Final Edition.[10] A third film called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward was released theatrically on January 15, 2011, and online on January 25, 2011.[11] Peter Joseph has stated that its topics are focused on human behavior, technology, and rationality.[12] The film has a 220-page long "companion source guide", available on the film's website, in which sourcing for the movie's content is detailed.[13]

I highly recommend you watch it and keep an open mind. I am in the process of doing a bit more research to support my overall belief on Christianity, 9-11 and the corrupt banking system (that not only affects that United States but the entire World), but would love to hear your comments.

If you haven't seen it, watch it and let me know your thoughts.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

a personal shopper

I am in desperate need of a personal shopper. I have said this for years but never has it been more apparent than NOW. I don't mean a personal shopper in the way that you hire someone to bring clothes to you that you try on and say yay or nay to. I mean a personal shopper who is exactly my same size, height and weight in all areas (including having a left foot that is bigger than the right one) who will go out, try everything on, put together a bunch of perfect outfits (including accessories) and bring them back to me, styled and ready to wear from head to toe. I don't want to have to try anything on and make a decision - whether in the store or in the privacy of my own home. I just want to feel good, well groomed and stylish without much effort - other than doing up a zipper or buttoning a button here or there. Who's with me ladies? Is this a dream come true or is shopping for clothes your favourite hobby? Personally - I have better things to do with my time and some days I feel so not put together but am just really happy that I am not naked :) Today is one of those days - ha ha. Come on fairy clothes mother - fill my closet by the time I get home from work. Pretty, pretty please?!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

it's written in the stars

I've always been a bit obsessed with everything to do with space, stars and zodiac signs. 
This collage makes me all kinds of happy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

today i am loving

These blogs:
NieNie Dialogues - Her story, her faith, her journey, her family and her children (beyond adorable) are definitely worth a read. Pure inspiration!

Enjoy It - A personal and craft blog by Elise Blaha Cripe. This is BY FAR my favourite blog of all time. I love learning about her business, her challenges with living away from her husband at times (military) and her newest journey - becoming a mother. 

Mommy Bird - This is a new favourite of mine. I love her daily posts on every day topics. She comes from a practical place that any new mother (or veteran mom or woman) will enjoy and learn from. Also - I am very proud to call this woman a friend!

Her prints and blog are amazing! I want one (or four).

Obsessed. And thankfully the girls are hot so my husband will watch with me :)

What's making you smile today?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

i bit the bullet

I have wanted to take a decor8 Blogging Your Way course for a while now but never got around to it. I finally bit the bullet and registered for Blog Boss and start March 1st. I am so excited! Watch for a few changes coming to the old blog this spring! Thank you for your support friends. xo

happy friday friends ...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy love day ...

Happy Valentine's Day from my cousin's little guy Charles in California! Isn't he adorable?

And from these cute little creatures!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

today I am loving

A recent find at my local HomeSense. Husband said no. :(

Monday, February 11, 2013

the exception to the rule

But I really am! Okay - maybe not the "exception" to life's rules but I definitely do not fall into the "norm" category on more than one occasion:

  • I know some people that can go days between washing their hair and all the so-called "experts" say you should wash your hair - at the most - every second day. I try and do that but by the second day my hair is greasy and gross. Not fun at all.
  • I wear a 9.5 shoe in most cases but that really only fits my left foot. My right big toe is shorter so yes, it is extremely difficult to find comfortable shoes that fit well and no, I am not the person in the store who takes one size for the left and one size for the right and leaves you with the mix-match of sizes (although I must admit that I have thought of it on more than one occasion).
  • A glass of water does not take away my hunger pains. Not even a little.
  • My husband and I go to mad angry. If we can't get to the point where we agree to disagree we usually just go to bed. I don't always like it but when I wake up in the morning, I always realize that it wasn't that big of a deal to begin with. Sometimes you just need a break from the drama in order to think straight and I for one would rather be sleeping during that break than over-analyzing the situation.
  • I am (and have always been) in between sizes in bras, underwear, pants and shirts. They should have 1/2 sizes in everything.
  • I have a dry nose and the rest of my face tends to be oily. When they say "combination skin" that generally refers to an oily t-zone. Where's my dry nose/oily everything else moisturizer, toner, cream, mask, etc.?
  • I am not afraid of the "C" word. It is a word. When a woman freaks out over it they give the word power, that is all. I don't think anyone should disrespect anyone by calling them a bad name but whether it is Bitch or "C", makes no difference to me. I know it really offends a lot of people so that's why I didn't want to type it in full - respect ladies! :)
  • I do not like milk, Kraft dinner or peanut butter. I know that a lot of people don't drink milk, eat KD or indulge in peanut butter but most people - at some point in their lives - did and enjoyed it. Not me. Gag.
  • I need at least 9 hours of sleep at night to operate the next day at my best.
  • I don't read newspapers or watch the news. Ever. Unless it is on at someone else's house.
  • I find Justin Bieber incredibly talented. 
What makes you the exception?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

freaks and geeks

Did you watch Freaks and Geeks when it came out in 1999? An American teen drama/comedy that explores what high school was like for normal kids in 1980, this show is nothing less than awesome. I hadn't seen it when it originally aired but I am watching it on Netflix right now and I loving it. I was super bummed when I realized there was only one season to watch so I did a quick Google search to find out why it was canceled and this was the best answer I got. With stars like James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen and - my favourite - Jason Segel, how can you go wrong? They should definitely do a reunion. Would love to see where these characters are now!

I was also a huge fan of My So Called Life in the 90's :) What was your favourite 90's TV show?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

happy birthday to me!

For anyone who is a fan of Breaking Bad like me, I just had to include this Happy Birthday wish to myself today. Celebrating my 34th - birthday re-cap to come. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend friends! xo

Friday, February 8, 2013

dealing with difficult people - i know

There are several difficult people in my life that, unless I make some drastic life changes, I am sort of stuck with. Work people. Soccer people. Family people. It's hard. I know that what they say is a reflection on them and not a reflection on me. I know that no one can make me feel any which way except for myself. I know that they really do not matter in the life scheme of things. I know that I am better, kinder and more respectful. I know all of this but still ... it's hard. It's hard to deal with disrespectful behaviour. It's hard to be belittled and just shrug it off. It's hard to be put down and degraded and move on with or without an apology. I know that most people see these people the same way I do but we just deal with it. We know we can't change them but still - when is enough enough? When is unacceptable behaviour no longer tolerated? When are selfish acts called out and when will these people have to live with the consequences of their actions. I know it is not up to me to make these calls but I am at the end of my rope with some of these difficult people. I have taken courses in the past on how to deal with these types but no matter how often you get rid of one, another one pops up. That is life and I must live with it. I know that but for now, I am over it. 

Found this via and it is helping me keep focused and calm:
33. It’s okay to protect yourself from the people who trigger you. Unsubscribe. Unfollow. Avoid. Make your excuses. Sometimes we just have to protect our hearts, and if there’s someone who makes you feel crap you don’t have to let them into your world. 34. Having said that, be sure to look at WHY they trigger you once you’ve filtered them out of your day-to-day. We can learn a lot from feeling uncomfortable — what’s the bigger message here?

What is the bigger message? It's kind of foggy right now but I know I will come out the other side happier, stronger and better. You know how the song goes ... "Ain't nobody going to hold me down". Ain't nobody!

oh heart - you make me so happy!

TGIF Friends ... I hope you fly this weekend. xo

Thursday, February 7, 2013

a wonderful list of lessons

I just had to share this wonderful blog post I stumbled across on Susannah Conway's blog.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

have I been eating unlucky charms?

On Sunday night after the Super Bowl I went to bed early. I wasn't feeling super great but just figured it had been a long weekend and I needed to get some sleep before Monday approached. I tossed and turned for a bit and then all hell broke loose around midnight. I threw up every 20 minutes from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday afternoon. It was HORRIBLE to say the least.

Now, if you know me, I was super sick in November and the beginning of January. I know, I know - that is a lot of sick for one girl but the thing is, this flu season is at epidemic levels and I am not the only person around who has gotten sick more than once this winter. Yes - I seem to have gotten 3 different strains of the flu but that's because there are multiple strains out there to catch! I didn't get a flu shot (my bad) because I have had a bad reaction to it in the past. I have been trying to live a healthier way and honestly, I do feel better all around for the most part. But now, I am just frustrated.

It is not my fault that I am sick. And if you happen to get sick after you have been around me, that may not be my fault either. Everyone is sick. It happens, it's a part of life in 2013. It is what it is! I am not an unhealthy person. There isn't something wrong with me. I just happen to be unlucky! Sorry - I'll try harder to stay healthy next year since I definitely chose to be sick more than once (insert sarcastic face here).

Thanks for listening to my rant friends. Some people have been super supportive during this frustrating time and others, not so much. I am so appreciative and always need to remember: Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. A big THANK YOU to those who matter. xo

PS - Just found this article and it has lots of really great (although American) information. Scroll to the bottom for some great, natural tips to stay healthy during flu season!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

oh heart!

This is so my mom and I ... love!

Monday, February 4, 2013

no more gossip

One of my New Year's resolutions was to gossip less. I did really well for the first part of January but then I got sucked into some other people's drama and ended up contributing to the negative conversation. I 100% understand that people need to vent and sometimes that venting isn't the prettiest description of character or doesn't use very pretty language. I get it and I do it. It feels great to be able to talk freely to a girlfriend and know that a) they are listening, b) they are not judging you and c) that your secret is safe with them. I am finding these "friends" fewer and farther in between and that's part of my problem. I have been scorned a few times and don't trust some individuals in my life with my words. There are still some people that I never hesitate to share things with but I have to be more careful as to who these people are. 

February Goal: Gossip Less. Obviously a goal that needs to be re-introduced into my life and that I need to remind myself about. No more negative talk and if I get sucked into those conversations I will choose not to participate or, at the very least, keep my comments minimal. I will talk and share less when I don't trust and continue to keep my heart open when I do. Bring on the positive, smart and beautiful conversations friends! xo

Sunday, February 3, 2013

what are your pet peeves?

I super duper apologize to anyone who does any of the pet peeves I am about to list but this really is meant in good fun:

  • When people leave little things lying around and don't pick them up because they are small and they don't matter. Like paper clips. How do you walk by paper clips on a the office floor and not pick them up? 
  • Ombre hair. If you do dark on top and fade to light on the ends, aren't you just paying for roots?
  • It is 2013 people. Long gone are the days of typewriters so there is absolutely no need for 2 spaces after a period.
  • See above. Where is the A in the middle of realtor?
  • People who lie.
  • People who do not listen well.
  • People who lie and do not listen well.
  • When someone turns in front of you while driving and that makes you have to put your foot on the brake. Do not turn, merge or enter a round about if the person approaching you is going to have to slow down. 

What is peeving you off these days?

Saturday, February 2, 2013

happy groundhog day

No matter whether or not the cute little critter sees his shadow or not, Groundhog Day marks the start of a fabulous month. But truth be told - I definitely wouldn't argue with an early Spring :) Happy weekend friends! xo

Friday, February 1, 2013

i love february

There are so many reasons why I absolutely adore the month of February. Here are just a few of those reasons ...

  • This year I will celebrating my 34th birthday on February 9th. I love celebrating special moments throughout the year because I know that each day is extra special but life is short - it is so fun to create memories and celebrations whenever possible - and a birthday is a great excuse! I feel that my life is just starting and I am so excited to see what 2013 has for me and my family.
  • February is all about love and at the risk of sounding super lame - I LOVE love :) Bring on hearts and roses and all things Valentine's Day on the 14th. Bring. It. On.
  • Valentine's Day is now extra special because both my parents and my parents-in-law celebrate their wedding anniversaries on Valentine's Day. Both couples have been married for many, many years and it is a great illustration of how love and friendship works well for my husband and I. 
Welcome February - I am so very glad to see you! xo

super bowl sunday

I saw the cutest thing on Facebook the other day: "I hear that someone is playing a football game during the Beyonce concert on Sunday!" Made me giggle because I am so a Super Bowl half-time/commercial kind of girl. My mom and I might even watch something else during the actual game and just watch the half-time show to see if Destiny's Child actually makes an appearance.

That being said - I am definitely rooting for the 49ers. I have San Francisco cousins and they would kill me if I did anything but cheer for them. My friend Melissa also knows who she is cheering for (check out her adorable blog here) - do you?