Monday, February 11, 2013

the exception to the rule

But I really am! Okay - maybe not the "exception" to life's rules but I definitely do not fall into the "norm" category on more than one occasion:

  • I know some people that can go days between washing their hair and all the so-called "experts" say you should wash your hair - at the most - every second day. I try and do that but by the second day my hair is greasy and gross. Not fun at all.
  • I wear a 9.5 shoe in most cases but that really only fits my left foot. My right big toe is shorter so yes, it is extremely difficult to find comfortable shoes that fit well and no, I am not the person in the store who takes one size for the left and one size for the right and leaves you with the mix-match of sizes (although I must admit that I have thought of it on more than one occasion).
  • A glass of water does not take away my hunger pains. Not even a little.
  • My husband and I go to mad angry. If we can't get to the point where we agree to disagree we usually just go to bed. I don't always like it but when I wake up in the morning, I always realize that it wasn't that big of a deal to begin with. Sometimes you just need a break from the drama in order to think straight and I for one would rather be sleeping during that break than over-analyzing the situation.
  • I am (and have always been) in between sizes in bras, underwear, pants and shirts. They should have 1/2 sizes in everything.
  • I have a dry nose and the rest of my face tends to be oily. When they say "combination skin" that generally refers to an oily t-zone. Where's my dry nose/oily everything else moisturizer, toner, cream, mask, etc.?
  • I am not afraid of the "C" word. It is a word. When a woman freaks out over it they give the word power, that is all. I don't think anyone should disrespect anyone by calling them a bad name but whether it is Bitch or "C", makes no difference to me. I know it really offends a lot of people so that's why I didn't want to type it in full - respect ladies! :)
  • I do not like milk, Kraft dinner or peanut butter. I know that a lot of people don't drink milk, eat KD or indulge in peanut butter but most people - at some point in their lives - did and enjoyed it. Not me. Gag.
  • I need at least 9 hours of sleep at night to operate the next day at my best.
  • I don't read newspapers or watch the news. Ever. Unless it is on at someone else's house.
  • I find Justin Bieber incredibly talented. 
What makes you the exception?


  1. My perfect in-between-hair-wash time is 36 hours. I've actually come home and washed my hair at lunch before. This will probably not surprise you.

  2. I hear you J. I have to wash my hair daily too. And, bras suck. I hate shopping for them, and now even worse after having a baby. sports bras are my fave, but no one wants mono-boob all the time!


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