Sunday, February 3, 2013

what are your pet peeves?

I super duper apologize to anyone who does any of the pet peeves I am about to list but this really is meant in good fun:

  • When people leave little things lying around and don't pick them up because they are small and they don't matter. Like paper clips. How do you walk by paper clips on a the office floor and not pick them up? 
  • Ombre hair. If you do dark on top and fade to light on the ends, aren't you just paying for roots?
  • It is 2013 people. Long gone are the days of typewriters so there is absolutely no need for 2 spaces after a period.
  • See above. Where is the A in the middle of realtor?
  • People who lie.
  • People who do not listen well.
  • People who lie and do not listen well.
  • When someone turns in front of you while driving and that makes you have to put your foot on the brake. Do not turn, merge or enter a round about if the person approaching you is going to have to slow down. 

What is peeving you off these days?


  1. Simple manners. Use your please & thank yous people! It is so easy to say, and it makes you a better person, and it makes the people receiving it better people too because they will think twice about using their manners too.

    And, on that note, we need to emphasize the importance of it to our children, teach it, and model it for them!

  2. 1000% agreed. It is so simple and can make someone else feel so good. So necessary! THANK YOU for your comment :)


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