Friday, May 31, 2013

recently on netflix

For some reason the hubby and I have been blowing through shows on Netflix like there is no tomorrow. We don't watch a lot of TV at all because we only have Netflix and we only have an hour or so in the evening when we have time to watch them but I must admit that I do tend to have an episode playing in the background on my iPhone while I'm cooking or cleaning after dinner. 

These are the shows we have been watching recently. Do you have any suggestion of a good Netflix (Canadian) series for us to get into next?

Kevin Spacey is THE MAN. There is no denying that. This one took a little while for the husband to enjoy but anything about American politics and scandals tend to interest me. I have no interest in Canadian politics whatsoever but the American system intrigues me to know end. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright were amazing (except I must admit I was a little distracted by Kevin's double chin in some scenes). I actually thought that this would wrap up in 1 season but it left a huge cliff-hanger in the last scene so I look forward to watching the next season.

I started watching Life on my own and was instantly hooked. Aside from the fact that I could not take my eyes off of Sarah Shahi (stunning), I really enjoyed the characters and the storyline - cop framed for family friends murders and spends 12 years in prison to later be given a $50 million settlement for his troubles. Cop becomes a cop again to fight crime and figure out who framed him. I always seem to enjoy a crime show where they solve a murder each episode but there is a larger storyline that intertwines through the whole season. I was sad that this was cancelled after only 2 seasons.

Similar to Life, The Glades is about a detective who solves a crime each episode but his life story mixes in throughout the entire season. Very similar concept and hey, the leading man isn't too hard on the eyes!

We are part way through the 4th season of Arrested Development. We were so excited when they brought this show back to Netflix and could not wait for it to begin. I am a bit disappointed. Although super clever and the way they are connecting all the characters is absolutely genius, I am just not finding it that funny. Except for Gob and Tobias - they always make me laugh.

I just started this series and am thoroughly enjoying it. Half hour episodes filled with a witty cast of characters who basically poke fun at the American development industry. More money is the name of the game - at any cost. And I do enjoy a show that makes a mockery for any office situation - oddly I relate to a lot of the jokes but I think anyone who has worked in an office for more than a few years can see the similarities. And Portia de Rossi is one of the main characters so you can't really go wrong!

Monday, May 27, 2013

my 3 favourite blogs

I recently switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin and even though it was a bit of a transition, I really like how Bloglovin works for me now - including their app I have loaded on my iPhone.

I follow tons of different blogs on a variety of topics - food, friends, crafts, moms, exercise, celebrity gossip etc. You name it, I follow it. And I know I have done a similar post to this one before but I recently felt re-inspired by the blogs I follow so I wanted to point out the 3 blogs that I look for on a daily basis and I find myself disappointed when I don't see a new entry on my list:

1. Elise Blaha - Enjoy It
Elise is one crafty gal. She is involved in everything from Project Life to her own online stamp shop to mini-scrapbook/journal books to online courses. You name it, she does it and I find her incredibly inspiring. She is expecting her first baby (a girl!), just moved into a new home and her husband, Paul, is currently on deployment. She has a lot to share. Check her out!

2. Nie Nie Dialogues
I didn't start following Stephanie until recently. I had heard of her story a long time ago (her and her husband Christian were in a plane crash that left most of her body covered in burn scars) but it took me a while to hop on the Nie Nie train. Now, I'm so glad I did. I love her whit, her charm, her humour and her adorable (5) kids! She is and inspiring and remarkable woman. And if nothing else, I can guarantee you will enjoy the photos of the newest addition to their family: Baby Charlotte. Adorable!

3. Ohdeardrea
I recently stumbled upon the adventures of Drea and her daughter Marlowe and it actually took me a while to realize that all of the random posts I enjoyed were from one blog - Ohdeardrea. Drea is a unique soul who has passed on many of her fantastic and individual traits to her little powerhouse of a daughter, Marlowe. I suggest reading this blog from the beginning so you can catch up on the back story of Marlowe's parents - it will help explain their present day living situation so much better. Enjoy!

What are your 3 favourite blogs? Would love to add some new lovelies to my list.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

today i

Today I:
  • Posted my first item for sale on Craigslist.
  • Started to feel like I am getting a cold.
  • Saw a field full of donkeys and it made me very happy.
  • Watched the series finale of The Office and loved it.
  • Re-realized that I love the colour combo grey and orange together (actually I love grey with almost any other colour).
  • Cleaned up my email files where I save everything. Always feels so good to purge and delete.
  • Got a ton of work done for my job. Feels awesome.
  • Forgot all my Friday night plans because I am heading home to bed. Feel worse even in the little time that it took me to write this list. Oy!
Happy Weekend Friends!

for sale

Selling Action Video Camera from Sony HDR-AS15. Brand new - I opened the box but nothing inside is used. Sells for $238 US on Amazon and $350 CAN at Future Shop. Waterproof with adventure attachments. Great for an adrenaline junkie. Email me at if you are interested!

Monday, May 20, 2013

recently ...

We finished watching the third season of Modern Family and it just keeps getting better and better. Oh Phil!
My husband had seen Band of Brothers before but he was itching to watch it again so I ordered it from the library. I loved it. I enjoy anything about WWII. I think it's because my grandfather fought in the war. My Aunt (who lives in California) is coming for a visit at the end of June and I am super excited so that I can ask her a bunch of questions about my grandfather's tour of duty. Ironically, she sent me a text the other day saying she just put together a DVD of my grandfather's war journey - from his first battle to his last reunion. I cannot wait to watch it. History before my eyes amazes me.

I read a book a while back that was based fictionally on the Columbine tragedy and after I finished, I wanted to learn more about it then just the information I saw on the news back in 1999. Columbine is a very researched timeline of Eric and Dylan's journey to April 20, 1999. Everything from their family lives to their school friends and their early brushes with the law. The news only told us one side of the story and this book tells you every side. I feel for all the people involved - and all the lives ruined by a sociopath and his depressed sidekick friend.

I have read all of Kat Von D's books that are basically her thoughts in journal form intertwined with photos and details on her clients and their tattoos. Go Big or Go Home is about her clients' bigger tattoos and mixed in are mini essays on things that are close to her heart - individuality, strength, creativity, independence, presence, wisdom, and altruism - and draws on engaging and inspiring stories from her own life and those of her clients throughout each section. If you are at all a fan of tattoos or her art, you will enjoy this quick read.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 days of marriage wisdom

I would never describe myself as a religious person. I am not exactly sure what I believe in but I do consider myself to be spiritual so even though I don't believe what the Bible has to say word for word, I can take some of the lessons that it teaches (with a grain of salt) and translate it into useful tips for my every day life. A high school friend of mine posted the below diagram on Facebook last week and it really made sense. Marriage is hard work. So far, the hardest job I have ever had and if anyone tells you it is easy, they are lying. But working at it is part of the process which leads to all the good and delicious stuff that a marriage partnership/friendship brings. This is a good recipe if you have found yourself off track with your spouse like I do from time to time. Enjoy friends!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

feeling inspired

NOT. Not at all. Hence the lack of posts but I have been collected a few beautiful things from around the web to try and lift my spirits. Sorry that there are no credits - if any of these images are yours just let me know. Enjoy friends! Happy Thursday!