Monday, May 27, 2013

my 3 favourite blogs

I recently switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin and even though it was a bit of a transition, I really like how Bloglovin works for me now - including their app I have loaded on my iPhone.

I follow tons of different blogs on a variety of topics - food, friends, crafts, moms, exercise, celebrity gossip etc. You name it, I follow it. And I know I have done a similar post to this one before but I recently felt re-inspired by the blogs I follow so I wanted to point out the 3 blogs that I look for on a daily basis and I find myself disappointed when I don't see a new entry on my list:

1. Elise Blaha - Enjoy It
Elise is one crafty gal. She is involved in everything from Project Life to her own online stamp shop to mini-scrapbook/journal books to online courses. You name it, she does it and I find her incredibly inspiring. She is expecting her first baby (a girl!), just moved into a new home and her husband, Paul, is currently on deployment. She has a lot to share. Check her out!

2. Nie Nie Dialogues
I didn't start following Stephanie until recently. I had heard of her story a long time ago (her and her husband Christian were in a plane crash that left most of her body covered in burn scars) but it took me a while to hop on the Nie Nie train. Now, I'm so glad I did. I love her whit, her charm, her humour and her adorable (5) kids! She is and inspiring and remarkable woman. And if nothing else, I can guarantee you will enjoy the photos of the newest addition to their family: Baby Charlotte. Adorable!

3. Ohdeardrea
I recently stumbled upon the adventures of Drea and her daughter Marlowe and it actually took me a while to realize that all of the random posts I enjoyed were from one blog - Ohdeardrea. Drea is a unique soul who has passed on many of her fantastic and individual traits to her little powerhouse of a daughter, Marlowe. I suggest reading this blog from the beginning so you can catch up on the back story of Marlowe's parents - it will help explain their present day living situation so much better. Enjoy!

What are your 3 favourite blogs? Would love to add some new lovelies to my list.

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