Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 days of marriage wisdom

I would never describe myself as a religious person. I am not exactly sure what I believe in but I do consider myself to be spiritual so even though I don't believe what the Bible has to say word for word, I can take some of the lessons that it teaches (with a grain of salt) and translate it into useful tips for my every day life. A high school friend of mine posted the below diagram on Facebook last week and it really made sense. Marriage is hard work. So far, the hardest job I have ever had and if anyone tells you it is easy, they are lying. But working at it is part of the process which leads to all the good and delicious stuff that a marriage partnership/friendship brings. This is a good recipe if you have found yourself off track with your spouse like I do from time to time. Enjoy friends!


  1. Great post, thank you for sharing. This has come at an especially tough couple weeks for me as a mom/wife. Thank you so much!
    I am going to work hard at this :)

    1. There are definitely hard moments, hard days, hard weeks - hell, even hard months. But the good always outweighs the bad and keeps us moving in a positive direction. Those moments of connection feel so freaking good :)


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