Thursday, March 31, 2011

the twins 1st birthday party - march 26, 2011

Ms. Sidney's cake made by the lovely Grandma Elaine and decorated by the talented Aunt Brenda!

Ms. Chance's cake made by the lovely Grandma Elaine and decorated by the talented Aunt Brenda!

Gotta have balloons at a 1st birthday party! Sidney's pink ones ...

and Chance's blue ones!

The spread! Yummy!

My first batch of free cupcakes - they didn't disappoint!

Uncle Chuddy getting ready for the festivities! He wore this shirt so that the could have both pink and blue on to support the twins - ha ha!

One and so much fun!

Birthday Boy sharing his smiles and cuddles with his many guests!

Uncle Chris' birthday bunnies were a hit! Of course - blue for Chance ...

and pink for Sidney!

I'm not sure what I am supposed to do with this!

I will just give it a quick taste to check it out!

Now this is the face of a happy birthday boy!

the twins 1st birthday - march 24, 2011

Hello Lexxus! You checking out my cool style?

Just hanging with my Uncle Chuddy in my size 2 PJ pants ... one day I swear they will fit!

I am such a princess - just deal with it!

I love 

I love me some puppy love!

For anyone out there who thinks that Lexxus is an evil dog - think again people!

This is just how I roll!

Move over sis! I want in on this puppy kissing action!

The crazy twosome - love, love, LOVE!

How you doing?

Uncle Chuddy is our fave!

my two favourite lucky girls!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

helter skelter

Even with my twisted fascination about murderers and evil historical figures (ex. Hitler) and my love of reading, I hadn't read Helter Skelter about the Manson Murders before. I downloaded it onto my iPod and listened to it on my nightly walks. It was full of facts and bio information, etc. and I loved it - like I knew it would. The most interesting part for me was the fact that it took the police so long to piece it together. I don't think we, the general public, realize how much goes into a police investigation and all of the rules that need to be followed and mistakes that can be made. This book gave me a true look into how not everything is obvious to everyone but - in one way or another - justice is usually served ... but not always the way we want it to be. There are still several murders unaccounted for and Manson still has millions of followers and is wasting tax payers money - but at least he is behind bars - he is one animal that needs to be kept an eye on!

my "just because" flowers

Thank you Chuddy! xo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i don't know about you ...

But I would take either of their bank accounts!

i can't wait!


just finished ...

Arrested Development Season 2 ... I know I have mentioned this before but I LOVE the library. I just go online, reserve the DVDs I want and voila - they email me when they are ready to pick up. I know, I know - nothing new and genius but new and genius to me! I never watched Arrested Development when it was on TV but heard several people say how funny it was and that they hope they go through with the Arrested Development movie ... trust me, I would be lining up to see that one! Hilarious!

Dream When You're Feeling Blue by Elizabeth Berg ... I recently listened to another one of Elizabeth's audiobooks and was hooked by her simple story telling about people's lives and how they intertwine into something more fabulous than just each individual's story. This audiobook did not disappoint. I just picked it based on the author but was delighted that it was about WW2 and shared the stories of those fighting on the front line and those left back home to wait through correspondence between each other. Each letter brings new hope and new heartache. I didn't want this one to end.

Broken by Daniel Clay ... I got this book from a co-worker who picked it up at Chapters in the discount section. I started reading it without really having any clue as to what it was about and a few pages in and I decided to read the back cover. This book is both fascinating and disturbing. It is a roller coaster ride of damage, heart break, evil and darkness but I just couldn't put it down. I needed to see who made it to the end of the story and what happened to each and every character. The only thing that surprised me and that I didn't like about this book was the fact that it didn't break up into chapters. Just one long story in novel form - different but once I got into it, I didn't notice much. WARNING ... Do not read this if you are easily disturbed!

monday morning update ... on tuesday :)

Thursday ... The Twins turned 1 so we took their presents over to them after work. Their official party is Saturday but we knew it would be crazy so we wanted their parents to actually remember what we got them :)

Friday ... Went to Chad's parent's for pizza and to help decorate for the twin's birthday party. It was a really LONG week so it was home to bed early for us!

Saturday ... Up early for breakfast at Timmy's and a ton of running around. Picked up my first batch of free cupcakes and took everything over to Chad's parent's for the party. It was super fun and cute - two panda bear birthday cakes destroyed! Lovely! Then off to walk through some nurseries and to my parent's to pick up Lexxus. Home to watch 127 Hours (Okay) and The Other Guys (HORRIBLE - didn't even finish it). 

Sunday ... Slept in until 9:30 am - UNHEARD OF! Then up to watch Grey's Anatomy and get ready for the day. Washed the inside of my car and then went grocery shopping. Took a nap, read my book and then made shepherd's pie for dinner and watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development. 

Another weekend come and gone! Photos of the birthday craziness still to come!

Monday, March 21, 2011

interesting timing for this one ...

"When you have an emotional reaction to what you see, you are judging. That is your signal that you have an issue inside of yourself - with yourself - not with the other person. If you react to evil, look inside yourself for the very thing that so agitates you, and you will find it. If it were not there, you will simply discern, act appropriately, and move on."

- Gary Zukav, page 157 from his book "Soul to Soul". Zukav is a best-selling inspirational author and a former Green Beret during the war in Vietnam.

Friday, March 18, 2011

i couldn't agree with this little guy more!

give peace a chance

Chad and I finally got to watch this documentary last night after I picked it up from the library. It was an amazing telling of how the US government (the most powerful government in the world) was afraid of little old peace loving John Lennon and his lover side kick Yoko Ono. My favourite part was just a brief clip of John saying something to the affect of "Ghandi tried it. Martin Luther King Jr. tried it. And they both were shot. So I thought I would give it a go. Give peace a chance." Hmm - just why is the US have such a hard on love for war but peace is something that scares the crap out of them? Interesting points John ... interesting points!

social media explained

Tuesday, March 15, 2011