Thursday, March 29, 2012

it finally hit me

When I went to my mom's for dinner last night I saw grandma's urn sitting by the fireplace. I was lying in bed later that night, it finally hit me that grandma is gone. It hit me like a lightening bolt and left as soon as it came. I know it will come again and take my breath away. I don't look forward to these moments but they allow me to grieve and I am grateful for those feelings. Thank you for all you gave me grandma - thank you!

an adorable guy

This is my friend Carolyn's little guy Austin. He is too adorable not to share with the world. He reminds me and my mom of a little garden gnome - ha ha. Chad and I got him this Paul Frank hoody for his birthday and it finally fits him. He is just so stylish :)

new jerseys

I am so excited! We just approved our Spring soccer jersey artwork and these jerseys are going to the best I have ever had since I started playing soccer as a kid. I know, I know - they are just a jersey but the little things in life get me excited. Can't wait for the other teams to make fun of us - out of jealousy of course - ha ha!

artwork draft courtesy of instant imprints

I am also looking into ordering these socks for the team. Yes - we are ridiculous but it is just so my fun!

Friday, March 23, 2012

catching up

My life has been crazy (love it that way) and I've been up to a lot - just not a whole lot of exciting stuff :) Husband is great. Soccer is great. Work is great. Weather is great (for now). Everything is in it's place and life is really good. The only thing I have really kept track of as time is flying by is what I am reading and what we are watching ... seems to be a trend with me!

Have a great weekend friends! Enjoy!

Reading (or recently read):

This book is amazing! It lives up to all the hype I have been reading on other blogs. It is a huge undertaking but it has not disappointed so far (I am about half way through it). I can't wait to finish it because I have been told that all the "mysteries" throughout the book are explained at the end. SO GOOD!

My girlfriend sent me The Hunger Games for my birthday. Since I got a Kobo for Christmas she knows I am paranoid and wouldn't be taking my Kobo in the bath with me (where I do the most of my reading) so she thought I needed a good book that won't die if it gets wet. This is living up to the hype as well but it is hard for me to see all the movie promos, I don't want to know what happens!

I have been reading through The Magic and writing in my journal at the same time. I realize this will sound extremely corny and unbelievable but putting "The Secret" strategies (aka Gratitude) into practice is changing my life. In small ways and in big ways too. Life IS good.

I have been listening to this audiobook in my car for a few weeks and when I get to where I am going, I don't want to get out of the car because I just want to sit there and listen to Andre's story. 

Just picked this up at the library and am so excited to crack it open this weekend. I rarely read more than one book at once (haven't really since I had to in college) because it gives me anxiety - feeling like I can't possibly finish them all ever - but this one looks so good - I can't wait!

Finished watching recently:

So weird but for some reason we were intrigued enough to watch the whole movie. When it first started, I totally thought I was going to turn it off part way through but hey, anything with ninjas in it seems to keep my attention :)

So stupid but the animals were hilarious. Cute family movie because the ape is the best actor in the whole movie :)

Going to watch this weekend (hopefully): 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

so. much. stuff.

I have been a busy girl. Some good things happening in my life and some not so good things. This roller coaster sure does come with its ups and downs. This is a mixed bag post because there has been so much going on and not enough time to focus on blogging, journaling, etc. - but it sure does feel good to be back!

First and foremost on my mind today is this lovely lady. After a quick and surprising battle with stage 4 lung cancer, the world lost a mother, sister, grandmother and friend on Saturday. My grandmother - Alma Donnelly - passed away at the Langley Memorial Hospital in the morning on Saturday, March 10th. She was 88 years young :) I can't even begin to tell you what an amazingly inspiring woman this women was and still continues to be - I have learned more about her in the past few days than I ever knew and although I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I can just take comfort in knowing her pain is gone, her race was won and she and my Dad are sharing a beer somewhere right now talking about their "wee one" and "little pink lady". Blessings Grandma. xoxo

I haven't been feeling 100% and so we have been watching a lot of movies on the couch which not only is relaxing - it is also my most favourite way to spend time with Chad and Lexxus. These are a few of our recent viewings:

Cute but really just okay. This was a Chad pick :)

Loving and surprised by how many people have told me that they lost interest during the second season.

ADORABLE! Loved this and it was even better the second time I watched it with my mom!

Seen it before but this is one of Chad's favourites so it makes him a VERY happy boy!

Actually better than I had thought it was going to be. A cute storyline but another one of those movies - only entertaining due to the cast and would be a horrible movie with different people in the roles.

I was very surprised at how emotionally attached I became to and felt for a mostly computerized ape! 

This movie was super long (random) but really entertaining. I highly recommend it for any family with pre-teen boys. Will definitely keep their interest!

Just finished listening to this audiobook yesterday in my car. Anyone that follows Preston & Child would quickly realize that this is obviously part of a series but I had no clue. Still - it was easy to follow and quite thrilling. Lots of twists and turns - and it had me routing for the lead character from beginning to end.

And just random things that are making me happy at the moment ... and I need happy moments right now :)