Wednesday, March 14, 2012

so. much. stuff.

I have been a busy girl. Some good things happening in my life and some not so good things. This roller coaster sure does come with its ups and downs. This is a mixed bag post because there has been so much going on and not enough time to focus on blogging, journaling, etc. - but it sure does feel good to be back!

First and foremost on my mind today is this lovely lady. After a quick and surprising battle with stage 4 lung cancer, the world lost a mother, sister, grandmother and friend on Saturday. My grandmother - Alma Donnelly - passed away at the Langley Memorial Hospital in the morning on Saturday, March 10th. She was 88 years young :) I can't even begin to tell you what an amazingly inspiring woman this women was and still continues to be - I have learned more about her in the past few days than I ever knew and although I wish I could turn back the hands of time, I can just take comfort in knowing her pain is gone, her race was won and she and my Dad are sharing a beer somewhere right now talking about their "wee one" and "little pink lady". Blessings Grandma. xoxo

I haven't been feeling 100% and so we have been watching a lot of movies on the couch which not only is relaxing - it is also my most favourite way to spend time with Chad and Lexxus. These are a few of our recent viewings:

Cute but really just okay. This was a Chad pick :)

Loving and surprised by how many people have told me that they lost interest during the second season.

ADORABLE! Loved this and it was even better the second time I watched it with my mom!

Seen it before but this is one of Chad's favourites so it makes him a VERY happy boy!

Actually better than I had thought it was going to be. A cute storyline but another one of those movies - only entertaining due to the cast and would be a horrible movie with different people in the roles.

I was very surprised at how emotionally attached I became to and felt for a mostly computerized ape! 

This movie was super long (random) but really entertaining. I highly recommend it for any family with pre-teen boys. Will definitely keep their interest!

Just finished listening to this audiobook yesterday in my car. Anyone that follows Preston & Child would quickly realize that this is obviously part of a series but I had no clue. Still - it was easy to follow and quite thrilling. Lots of twists and turns - and it had me routing for the lead character from beginning to end.

And just random things that are making me happy at the moment ... and I need happy moments right now :)

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