Friday, March 23, 2012

catching up

My life has been crazy (love it that way) and I've been up to a lot - just not a whole lot of exciting stuff :) Husband is great. Soccer is great. Work is great. Weather is great (for now). Everything is in it's place and life is really good. The only thing I have really kept track of as time is flying by is what I am reading and what we are watching ... seems to be a trend with me!

Have a great weekend friends! Enjoy!

Reading (or recently read):

This book is amazing! It lives up to all the hype I have been reading on other blogs. It is a huge undertaking but it has not disappointed so far (I am about half way through it). I can't wait to finish it because I have been told that all the "mysteries" throughout the book are explained at the end. SO GOOD!

My girlfriend sent me The Hunger Games for my birthday. Since I got a Kobo for Christmas she knows I am paranoid and wouldn't be taking my Kobo in the bath with me (where I do the most of my reading) so she thought I needed a good book that won't die if it gets wet. This is living up to the hype as well but it is hard for me to see all the movie promos, I don't want to know what happens!

I have been reading through The Magic and writing in my journal at the same time. I realize this will sound extremely corny and unbelievable but putting "The Secret" strategies (aka Gratitude) into practice is changing my life. In small ways and in big ways too. Life IS good.

I have been listening to this audiobook in my car for a few weeks and when I get to where I am going, I don't want to get out of the car because I just want to sit there and listen to Andre's story. 

Just picked this up at the library and am so excited to crack it open this weekend. I rarely read more than one book at once (haven't really since I had to in college) because it gives me anxiety - feeling like I can't possibly finish them all ever - but this one looks so good - I can't wait!

Finished watching recently:

So weird but for some reason we were intrigued enough to watch the whole movie. When it first started, I totally thought I was going to turn it off part way through but hey, anything with ninjas in it seems to keep my attention :)

So stupid but the animals were hilarious. Cute family movie because the ape is the best actor in the whole movie :)

Going to watch this weekend (hopefully): 

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