Monday, February 4, 2013

no more gossip

One of my New Year's resolutions was to gossip less. I did really well for the first part of January but then I got sucked into some other people's drama and ended up contributing to the negative conversation. I 100% understand that people need to vent and sometimes that venting isn't the prettiest description of character or doesn't use very pretty language. I get it and I do it. It feels great to be able to talk freely to a girlfriend and know that a) they are listening, b) they are not judging you and c) that your secret is safe with them. I am finding these "friends" fewer and farther in between and that's part of my problem. I have been scorned a few times and don't trust some individuals in my life with my words. There are still some people that I never hesitate to share things with but I have to be more careful as to who these people are. 

February Goal: Gossip Less. Obviously a goal that needs to be re-introduced into my life and that I need to remind myself about. No more negative talk and if I get sucked into those conversations I will choose not to participate or, at the very least, keep my comments minimal. I will talk and share less when I don't trust and continue to keep my heart open when I do. Bring on the positive, smart and beautiful conversations friends! xo

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