Thursday, February 21, 2013

a personal shopper

I am in desperate need of a personal shopper. I have said this for years but never has it been more apparent than NOW. I don't mean a personal shopper in the way that you hire someone to bring clothes to you that you try on and say yay or nay to. I mean a personal shopper who is exactly my same size, height and weight in all areas (including having a left foot that is bigger than the right one) who will go out, try everything on, put together a bunch of perfect outfits (including accessories) and bring them back to me, styled and ready to wear from head to toe. I don't want to have to try anything on and make a decision - whether in the store or in the privacy of my own home. I just want to feel good, well groomed and stylish without much effort - other than doing up a zipper or buttoning a button here or there. Who's with me ladies? Is this a dream come true or is shopping for clothes your favourite hobby? Personally - I have better things to do with my time and some days I feel so not put together but am just really happy that I am not naked :) Today is one of those days - ha ha. Come on fairy clothes mother - fill my closet by the time I get home from work. Pretty, pretty please?!


  1. I soooooo hear you. I would love that too. I am not a huge fan of shopping either. And, my left foot is bigger than my right too ... and they grew when I was pregnant. Random, but true. Ugh shopping blows.

    1. I've heard that your feet change when you are pregnant. Mine are already awkward and large - oh my! Ha ha. And you are so right - shopping blows!


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