Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my latest ...

MOVIE ... One Week with Joshua Jackson
One Word - Amazing. LOVED this movie and recommend it to all. I was so happy when Chad picked it up for me at a neighbour's garage sale. We sat down and watched it Sunday night after a long and busy weekend and it was a perfect end to the evening. Not only does it make me re-appreciate the fact the beauty that IS British Columbia, it also made me put my thinking cap on and re-evaluate my Dad's battle with cancer and my (relatively) new relationship with Chad. It was so well done - I knew I would like but I would for sure have to say that I beyond liked it - a movie to watch over and over again for sure!

BOOK ... Uncharted TerriTORI by Tori Spelling
I am not going to lie. I LOVE Tori Spelling. I was not a fan of hers when she was on 90210. I didn't think she could act. I hated the fact that her love interest on the show (Brian Austin Green) was the only good looking guy and SHE got him. I totally jumped on the "Tori-Spelling-Has-A-Horse-Face-And-Gross-Boobs" band wagon but that was before her shows on Slice and her books. Now I just look at her as an ambitious, loving mother and wife. Honestly - she is one of those people you read about in the tabloids who just seems so oddly normal that you can't help wanting to be her friend. So Ms. Tori - if by any chance you are reading this send me a note - we can do lunch with Stella and Liam :)