Monday, December 2, 2013

happy mail day

Today was a happy mail day! I received two packages - one was a photo book I had made to celebrate my pregnancy and Charlotte's first month, and the other was an order from Ricky's ... momma needed something new to wear!

As soon as I got home from the hospital after having Charlotte, I had a sudden urge to document her life so far and was obsessed with keeping her baby book up to date, and with creating a photo book to celebrate our pregnancy and first month journeys together.

I have used Shutterfly in the past (and they always have awesome deals - you can always get a percentage off, a free book or free shipping) but every

Also, my weekly pregnancy photos and Charlotte's daily first month photos were both in Instagram format so I needed an option that would work for them. Enter Keepsy. After a ton of online research I found Keepsy and decided to give it a try. Basically you just dump your photos into their online system and then you can create some very basic page formats. It isn't perfect and I would have much preferred to use Shutterfly for more intricate designs and journaling options but it works for these photos ... and I LOVE the cover of the book - they take a bunch of small images and create your cover with them.

It was a bit of a pain getting everything in the right order but I figured it out quickly and was glad to have one more item off my to do list. I think the book cost about $30 and they ship to Canada so that was good enough for me! :)

Here are a few sample pages (I am planning on taking a Charlotte photo a day for her first year - and monthly photos too - so I hope to do something really special with those in the future):

I have recently found out that I really enjoy Ricki's. Their sales are great and I love that I can order online and pay minimal shipping - and return to the store with ease if something doesn't fit. That is a great way for me to do shopping with my current job - getting used to being a new mom! I actually ordered to the two tops below and a dress but I got an email saying the dress isn't available. Big bummer but I was happy with the tops I purchased!

LOVE this one for the holidays - super comfy and casual but the lace and glitter accents, it makes it a winner (especially since I am mainly in yoga pants and jackets these days).

This one is a simple sweater (and a bit on the bigger size so not sure if I need to get a size down) but the fun part is that the back is solid horizontal stripes. I really wanted some new tops that I could easy accessorize and throw on with a pair of jeans. I love this sweater but not sure about the fit - might just have to go back online and let my fingers do some more searching! :)
And now, onto Christmas shopping for other people. I am normally done by now but this year is a little different. Looking forward to shopping in the stores during the actual holiday season! When do you get your Christmas shopping done?

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