Tuesday, December 17, 2013

charlotte's 1st gift from santa

Since Charlotte will only be 10 and a half weeks old at Christmas, I contemplated not getting her a gift. She won't know the difference and I know that a lot of other people will spoil her rotten - which I love and am so grateful for.

I hummed and hawed and then I saw this and knew I had to order here one:
When I was little, I had 11 Cabbage Patch Kids. Yep - you read that right. Come on - I did come from a broken family after all so my mom and dad both always got me what I wanted - ha ha. It comes with the territory. When I saw that this doll was holiday (I LOVE all things Christmas), dated 2013 (Charlotte's birth year) and is a 30th anniversary special edition, I knew she had to have one. Yes - HAD - ha ha. I wanted to order her the purple dress one but when I went back online, it was sold out so I got the one above. And I'm so glad because I wasn't sure why the purple one was bugging me - she had teeth and teeth on Cabbage Patch Kids kind of freak me out. :)
We picked this beauty up yesterday and I love her, she is beautiful. And she doesn't have a crazy Cabbage Patch name either - her name is Mia Quinn.
I can't wait to take photos with Charlotte and Mia on Christmas morning (and yes, Santa gifts in our house are not wrapped), and then put her away until Charlotte is 3 or 4 and can actually play with her. Oh the things that new moms and dads do for their little ones!
I am so looking forward to Christmas morning! Happy Holidays friends!

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