Thursday, December 19, 2013

trying to get my baby to take a bottle

As a first time parent, I tend to read a lot, Google everything and ask every pater on the planet their advice on any given subject.

My process was no different when it came to trying to give Charlotte a bottle for the first time.

Since Charlotte was born I have exclusively breastfed. She took to it right away, and after a few latching issues that we quickly resolved ourselves, we haven't had any issues. 

I was given a single hand pump and a single electric pump as hand me downs from friends. I used them when I was overly engorged, and then I would dump the milk (looking back, I can't believe I did that - ha ha). 

Fast forward a few weeks and I was getting quite overwhelmed. Charlotte was fussy at night, and going through a growth spurt, I still wasn't sure if she was hungry half the time or what she needed and I just wanted a break. Also, my husband was feeling left out because he couldn't sooth her at times - all that helped was for her to eat and that was all on me.

I ended up purchasing a relatively cheap pump from Walmart and started pumping  and freezing with hopes that I would get a break sooner or later. A ton of people said they would watch her for us if we wanted to go out but how could I do that if I couldn't leave my boob behind?!

I had read to not introduce a bottle before 6 weeks because it can cause nipple confusion if breastfeeding isn't well established. Again - being a first time mom, what the hell did I know? 

I waited the 6 weeks and tried to introduce a bottle to her. She wouldn't take it. Of course. I tried severl different types of bottle and nipple combos. She wouldn't take any of them. Of course.

This isn't a photo of Charlotte but if I did take one of her trying to drink from a bottle, it would look really similar:
Then one magical day, I followed my husband home from an appointment, and he had Charlotte with him. They got home about 20 minutes before me and when I walked in the front door, my husband out a gag order on me - told me to not say a word and to stay downstairs because he was going to feed her. I happily hid (a few minutes alone? Thank you very much!)

And she took the bottle (Playtex ...) - like a champ. And then two nights later she took it again. Seriously - I heard angels singing (okay - could have been Christmas carols but still, it was pretty exciting).

Then we tried again (we were told to try every few nights to keep her used to it). And she lost her s*%#. She was having nothing to do with it. So we are back to square one. 

So - to all you new moms or mommies-to-be out there - know that you are not alone. Know that everything with a newborn changes on a daily basis - no two days are alike. And know that as new moms, we really don't know anything - the babies are in the driver's and we are just along for the ride!

P.S. If you are breastfeeding but want to introduce a bottle (or a pacifier - Charlotte won't have anything to do with one), as long as your baby is gaining weight and eating regularly I would suggest trying it sooner than later. I wish we had started at around 4 weeks - if not sooner.

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  1. i think the key is for chad only to give the bottle to start and you can't be int he room or at home! if she screams and he can't do it after 10 minutes, then you go in and nurse... my mom always said (much to dh's annoyance haha) that babies can smell their mommy the minute you walk in the door. i think if you start doing it as a routine it would work.. but it has to be consistent... maybe you have chad give a bottle every evening (or every other) and once she gets it, you can space it out a bit. keep trying! i totally understand being scheduled by the boob!!


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