Sunday, December 1, 2013

i am a collector

I realized something lately. As a little girl, I was big on collecting things. Now, looking back, I think it had much more to do with my self diagnosed OCD more than anything - the need and love of keeping things organized and in their place. I collected stickers, rubber stamps, rubber balls, Cabbage Patch Kids (I had 11 of them - go divorced parents go), Barbies (still have two whole bins full of these little lovelies in their packages - yep, I was that kid who didn't actually play with them) ... the list goes on!

As I grew older, my obsession over collecting died down. I never started an "adult" collection of figurines or artwork or postage stamps or anything like that but recently, after being on mat leave and having some time to organize my office space, I realize that I am still a collector at heart.

I collect:
  • Recipes ... that I will never cook.
  • Scrapbook Supplies ... that I will never put into a scrapbook.
  • Jewelry Supplies ... that will never be made into anything.
  • Knitting Needles and Yarn ... and I don't even know how to knit.
  • Picture Frames ... that are mostly cheap and from the dollar store that will never hold pictures.
I take after my mother in this area 100%. Do you collect "things" for various hobbies that you know in your heart you will never use?

So I have gotten rid of a lot of crap and started to think more about what I really enjoy doing. Instead of collecting recipes that I will "one day" write on to recipes cards, I have asked for a recipe binder for Christmas so I skip the in between step and make it easy for me to store them. And only the ones that I think would be truly delicious. I have given up my dream of learning to knit. Family members are getting framed photos of the baby girl with their Christmas gifts this year. I am on the lookout for the perfect photo album for Charlotte's photos that I will embellish with my scrapbooking odds and ends and stickers - it's my own version of Project Life people! :)

As for the jewelry supplies, I actually have a shop on Etsy. It might just be make a reappearance in the New Year. I love doing it so why not give it a go?

Cleaning and clearing out my home, heart and soul for the New Year ... and it feels great!

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