Sunday, December 8, 2013

taking stock

Idea stolen from A Pretty Penny. Thank you! Follow her blog - it's awesome!

Making // time to write.
Cooking // a ton of dinners in the good old crockpot.
Drinking // coffee with vanilla almond milk and a bit of sugar.
Reading // Poser: My Life in Twenty-three Yoga Poses by Claire Dederer
Wanting // Charlotte to sleep through the night sooner than later.
Looking // at products that will make my momma duties easier. this and this.
Playing // with a few of Charlotte's toys but she just isn't into them that much yet.
Wasting // days watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.
Wishing // that Charlotte would take a bottle on the odd occasion here or there.
Enjoying // maternity leave - I am so grateful!
Liking // December.
Wondering // what the New Year will bring.
Loving // my little family of 3 so much.
Hoping // santa is good to me - tee hee! :)
Marvelling // at home much Charlotte has changed in a few short 8 weeks - "they" say time flies and they weren't kidding!
Needing // to incorporate exercise (or at least a walk) into our daily schedule.
Smelling // calm.
Wearing // yoga pants and hoodie all the live long day.
Following // the weather report closely - love snow at Christmas but if it snows too much, my husband will have to take the truck and I will be stuck at home.
Noticing // baby Charlotte is figuring out what her hands are for as she pulls my earrings out.
Knowing // this too shall pass.
Thinking // about a makeover.
Bookmarking // 2014 Blog Planner - getting ready!
Opening // bins of Christmas decorations.
Giggling // at Charlotte's smile - she is the prettiest little creature ever.
Feeling // grateful.

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