Saturday, December 14, 2013

how i keep christmas manageable ... and from driving me crazy

This Christmas is different from all the rest. Charlotte is now here and celebrating her first Christmas - and all that comes with that momentus occasion, and my parents just moved out of my childhood home and into a condo so they aren't even putting up a tree this year. A first for anyone in my family!

My goal each year is to keep Christmas simple. I accept any invitation so that I don't have to host any holiday meals or events, and I keep all our commitments to the minimum. This year our list includes:
- Decorating the house / this is my gig and since I'm on mat leave I was able to putter and clean as I went which was nice.
- Putting up lights on the house / my husband takes care of this.
- Decoraring the tree / my parents came over and did this with us this year. A new tradition perhaps?
- Christmas shopping / I am usually done our shopping way before December but this year was different - what with giving birth and all - ha ha. My list isn't long and I put money away each pay cheque throughout the year so shopping is relatively stress free for us.
- Christmas cards / I don't always do them but I am sending out a whack of them this year as Charlotte thank you cards. I'm sure this will be something I do from now on.
- Visit my grandma / she is in a care home and we make sure we visit her as close to Christmas as we can each year.
- Chrisfmas activity/adventure day with my friend Tara.
- My soccer party and my husband's work party.
- Church on Christmas Eve.
- Make sure we see my parents and my husband's family on Christmas Day at some point.
- Go to Potter's for half off everything on Boxing Day.

That is it. Short and sweet and to the holiday point. I don't commit to baking, making, hosting or cooking anything specific. I just go with the flow with whatever comes up. My husband thinks December should be reserved for family and I'm starting to think he's onto something. :)

I'm sure our traditions with grow as Charlotte gets older, and our Christmas to do list will grow as well. But for now, this is more than enough and even better - it's manageable.

How do you keep Christmas organized so it doesn't drive you crazy?

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