Friday, January 18, 2013

the lost keys ... do you believe?

My husband and I are pretty confident that we have a ghost in our house. Neither of us really know if we believe in such things as ghosts but too many weird incidents have happened since before the holidays that we are fairly convinced. Our garage door opens by itself, my Tinkerbell Christmas tree topper went on by itself, our house alarm goes off for no reason, etc. Now I know that logically each of these situations can be explained by the fact that our house is 30 years old and probably has an electrical problem but we like to think that either my dad or one of our grandparents is trying to communicate with us: a) it saves us having to worry about fixing a bad connection and b) it's nice to think that one of our loved ones who have passed on is watching over us. Yes - I realize we are ridiculous at times :) Then - one day my husband tells me that his truck key was missing from his key ring. He had it when he locked up his truck one night after work and then next minute - poof - it was gone. He looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. It was one of those thick, dealership keys so there was no way it could slip off or break, etc. Thankfully he had a spare and we went about our business while we discussed if my dad was trying to tell us something from beyond! I started my oh-so-smart Google search and found a ton of articles about the same sorts of things happening to other people. We were not alone! My husband talked about moving. We got excited that we had visitors from beyond the grave. Then one day he comes inside with the key. It DID fall off his key ring after all - go figure. We are not moving and my husband feels much more comfortable with everything. I, on the other hand, am not convinced. I know Tinkerbell is magical and all but come on - she does not need to turn on unless I flip the switch! Do I believe in ghosts? My dad passed away on January 18th eleven or twelve years ago (I am horrible at remembering lengths of time) and I must admit - the thought of him turning on Tinkerbell or even stealing a key or two makes me smile. Miss you dad!

PS - After the key incident, I went about cleaning up my own key ring and everything was accounted for but I had two extra keys that I couldn't for the life of me identify. Turns out they are for a local elementary school gym that my soccer team used to practice in. I would keep them just in case I wanted to sneak in to the school one day just for kicks but nah - they are going to be thrown out ... that school is scary at night and I am still not convinced one way or another about ghosts. I will err on the err on the side of caution thank you very much.

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