Monday, January 21, 2013

recent projects

I love scrapbooking. I have always loved scrap projects and find it incredibly rewarding and relaxing when I make time for it which, unfortunately, isn't nearly as often as I would like. I am obsessed with Project Life (I highly suggest you check out Becky's blog if you haven't already) and Smash products. I haven't gotten into Project Life yet myself but it is definitely on my "to do" list (I am obsessed with the Seafoam Edition from Ms. Elise - another must follow blog!)

I really like to do mini albums. I collect photos and "stuff", buy a bunch of stickers and just go to town. I don't usually stop until an album is done - I am not one for half done projects so I really enjoy a manageable project. 

Early in 2012 I decided I wanted to make my sis and mom-in-laws scrapbooks for Christmas. For the last few years we have drawn names for Christmas gifts but we were late in our 2012 decision so I wanted to make sure I had something special for these special ladies in my life. We ended up drawing names but I still wanted to make sure that my sis and mom got something just from me.

Below is a random combination of the two books. They are very similar but I used different photos for the most part. And at only 48 photo spaces per book, this was a very convenient size. I loved the outcome and think everyone else did too!

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