Sunday, January 27, 2013

a list

I borrowed this idea from ann-marie loves paper.

Tag - you're it! Mommy Bird and Vancity Voicebox - I would love to see your lists! xo

PS - Anyone who reads this should follow all three of the blogs listed above. Ann-Marie Loves Paper has no idea I exist but she is an inspiration, Mommy Bird gives amazing new mom, organizational and cooking tips, and Vancity Voicebox is an old friend who is fabulous - and so is her blog!

Digging: My life right now. I am in a really great place and hope to stay here as long as possible.
Drinking: Caramel Drizzle coffee. My favourite if I need a caffeine kick.
Eating: Anything gluten free these days.
Listening: To this audiobook in the car: Sisterhood Everlasting.
Wearing: New sweaters. I'm always cold so I wear sweaters even in the summer months (especially at work).
Reading: The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas and the Wheat Belly Cookbook. Just joined a new book club so will have some new reads shortly.
Feeling: Amazing.
Weather: Cold, sunny, foggy and/or rainy - depending on the minute it seems.
Wanting: Absolutely nothing.
Needing: Absolutely nothing.
Wishing: That my California family didn't have to go home earlier than planned.
Thinking: About my future and the wonderful things that are going to happen to me and my husband.
Enjoying: Life.
Loving: Little kid and doggy cuddles and kisses. 

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  1. This is fantastic! Love this! I will totally do this, but I have to finish my marking first! Hahaha! I promise I will get to it when I can!

    Thank you for the blog suggestions too ... I am getting more and more into reading blogs. Also, I would love to hear more of your reading selections. I love me a good book. Although, I haven't touched mine in two weeks ... too much going on these days!

    Did you go gluten free by choice? Or, was it a necessary dietary change? Or both?


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