Wednesday, January 23, 2013

family weekend - good for my soul

This past weekend my whole family was in town to celebrate my Grandmother's 90th birthday. My Dad's family (from California), my Mom's family and the Husband's family - all in one place on Saturday for dinner at my parents' house. Then Sunday we spent the day at St. Michael's (where my Grandmother lives) and had tea and cake with our extended family (on my Dad's side). I haven't seen some of these people in probably 10 years (since my Dad passed away).

The weekend was filled with laughs, hugs, smiles and memories ... it was just what I needed at exactly the right time and I am so grateful that we all were in the same place at the same time for such a happy occasion.

A few of my favourite shots from Saturday's dinner at my parents' house ...
My niece Sidney and cousin Charles hanging out. She is all cheesy smiles and he can't figure her out. Typical girl vs boy behaviour!

My cousin Abbey taking charge. She is so going to be a school teacher one day.

Beautiful Abbey. Her parents are in trouble in a few years! xo

The twins getting in on the hair salon action.

Charles saying good-bye to Ainsley. And yes - they just met that night but he didn't want to let her go. Their good-bye lasted forever.

And a few of my favourites from Sunday's celebration at St. Michael's ...

Charles wanted "GG" to share her cake. He waited so patiently all day after all.

Me and the beautiful birthday gal. LOVE! xo

Just the Bower side ladies: My cousin Danielle, my mom Dixie, my grandmother Janet, me and my aunt Janice. Such a beautiful group of strong women.

Two of my favourite men with the birthday girl: Husband Chad and Cousin Mike.

Happy birthday Grandma, Grandmother, GG, Aunt, Cousin, Sister, Mother, Friend ... Janet! xoxo

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