Monday, April 16, 2012

weekend movie review

I usually rely on our local library for DVDs but I have found a small, hole-in-the-wall Video Store in Aldergrove that has very reasonable prices and - from what I can tell so far - usually has at least a couple of each new release available. I guess people just don't rent anymore but since we don't have cable, this is just a bonus for us :)

I had heard that "Change-Up" with two of my favourites - Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds - was hilarious but I was skeptical. Ding, ding, ding - the reviewers got it right. This movie was so ridiculous and funny - both Chad and I really enjoyed it. Jason and Ryan were awesome and played off of each other so well. If you are looking for a laugh, I would suggest this movie on this cold and rainy Monday.

I rented "Thor" for Chad's amusement. I was not aware that it was another comic book adaptation. I thought it was more "Gladiator" style but I quickly realized that the reason it was so cheesy and unrealistic was because it was the same storyline as the comic. I went to bed early (even Natalie Portman couldn't save this one for me) and even Chad fell asleep before the last scene. I asked him if he wanted me to keep it or return it so he could watch the end and he quickly said to return it so enough said really.

I was so excited to see "Drive" with Ryan Gosling because a) the trailer looked awesome and b) Ryan Gosling is just plain old awesome all around. I was so disappointed though! The whole movie was basically in the trailer I saw so that is always a downer and I think they were trying to make it an artistic and dramatic film but I just found it slow and boring. Chad enjoyed it but the ending was lame. Maybe I just didn't get "it" but I am sure that if it wasn't for Mr. Gosling, I probably would have turned this off less than half way through. P.S. I love you Carey Mulligan but you did nothing for this movie - casting was all wrong. Oh well - at least I got to spend my Sunday evening with Ryan. Sigh!

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