Thursday, April 12, 2012

thinking ... so much thinking

I have been doing a ton of thinking lately. My thoughts are all over the map so I have vowed to work more at blogging and writing in a journal. They are both such a great outlet for me, I wonder why I don't make more time for them both - now is the time :) I have been thinking about my marriage (and every time I think about it, it absolutely blows my mind that I am actually married in the first place), the fact that we own our own home (again - mind blown), that I have been having a tiny tinge of interest in starting a family (something new for me), when will I feel too old to start trying to have kids (will that time come and go and it will be too late for me to realize it?), will be good parents (of course we will be but hello - pretty much the hardest job on the planet, not a task to be taken lightly), do I love my job (I do, when I get to do it but I know that in my heart, I should be running my own career plans), what do I want to be when I grow up ... etc. etc. etc. This is an exciting time for me - 33 and just starting the second half of my life - what will I do for work? what will my babies look like? where will we end up living? Now I just need to get back into living each day with purpose and enjoying the seconds that I am given - another thing I OVER think about :)

Here are two articles I found particularly inspiring today ... both focus on issues that I have been thinking a lot about and they help put my thoughts (and fears) into perspective. Enjoy!

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