Monday, April 16, 2012

float your boat

Yesterday Chad and I helped out at the "Team Andrew Forever Float Your Boat for Cancer" fundraiser at Derby Reach park. It was an amazing day filled with donations, boats, friends, laughs, hugs, bouncy castle, face painters, entertainment, food, etc. etc. etc. - the list of good things about yesterday goes on and on. Turns out that the group raised about $2,000.00 for Team Andrew Forever for the 2012 Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. You can support Team Andrew Forever HERE.

My friend Leah is the main organizer for the Team Andrew Forever fundraising events. She is truly an angel and is doing all of this hard work to keep her brother Andrew's memory alive, and to help her whole family continue to cope with their loss. Here her son Lachlan and her husband Daryl monitor the boat floating :) For a minimum $5 donation you got to purchase and decorate a boat and float it in the Fraser River. The kids loved this process and even though there were a ton of boats left-over, this picture says a lot.

Team Andrew Forever volunteers for life!

Sidney got in on the boat floating action too.

Leah's sister Katy also helps out with Team Andrew and here, Chad and her get things popping. Great job ladies!

Stacey and Cory brought the twins by for a visit and they ended up spending most of the day with us which was a real treat for me. I got to be the official "bouncy castle" monitor and the twins got to enjoy two firsts: eating popcorn and getting their adorable faces painted.

It turned out to be a beautiful and perfect day at Derby Reach - not too hot and not too cold. Just right and just the way Andrew would have wanted it!

The Langley Rugby boys pitched in as they always do and took care of the concession stand. They hot dogs were a hit and they had the BBQ going all day! Great job boys!

Uncle Chuddy was teaching the twins how to throw rocks. Best (and cheapest) activity of the day!

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