Thursday, April 12, 2012

i statements

Thank you to Becky Higgins for the inspiration!

i was … watching Celebrity Apprentice at lunch. A prime example of how I can waste an hour of my life.
i am … a Ninja. No really - I am :)
i think … my husband is the hardest working human on the planet.
i wonder … where our next vacation spot will be.
i wish … my mom a very happy 61st birthday.
i save … money every chance I can get. I am not a crazy coupon girl but I do appreciate a good deal.
i always … love to read.
i can’t imagine … my life without my family.
i believe … life is good. Believe it too.
i promise … to take care of my parents as they grow older.
i love … home.
i scrap … when I feel inspired. I always feel better after I complete a project but I am more of an art journal type of gal over a traditional memory scrapbooker.
Your turn!

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