Tuesday, April 17, 2012

book review

I mentioned before that I am pretty obsessed lately with the author Kristin Hannah. Her stories are wrapped around families, friends, relationships and small "West Coast" towns. Easy to read but always entwined with a heart tugging story line. I finished "True Colors" last night - a story about three sisters and how their lives don't turn out exactly the way they had hoped. But in the end after love lost and love found, they learn to trust each other again and - so true - blood is thicker than water. I really enjoyed the twists and turns in this novel - including the spread of stories through a few generations of family members that came full circle at the end. I recommend "True Colors" or any of Ms. Hannah's books for a warm spring afternoon of reading, or an evening of reading in a hot tub with a glass of wine. Perfection. Enjoy friends!

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