Monday, April 30, 2012

may goals

Holy Hanna Montana! I cannot believe that tomorrow is ALREADY MAY 1st!!! I know everyone says it and it is obnoxious every time it is said but seriously - where has the time gone? I am just starting to get into my April goals and it is the last day of April. Oh well - better late than never :) With that in mind, I am going to carry over my April goals to May. Here is a quick update ...

1. Eat more slowly, say grace and think before eating.
Working on this. This has always been a struggle for me but when I do take my time to eat and enjoy what is going into my body, the process is much more rewarding. This will always be on my "goal/to do" list I think.

2. Have 5 successful work events. A big month for me!
I am able to cross this one off for May. Yay! April was awesome work wise - it flew by but it was a successful fly by Goose! Bring on May and then June is our golf tournament. I just need some solid sunshine to make that event a success!

3. Brainstorm more ways to use my organizational skills for a possible career choice.
My mind has been working at this every day and night. Still in the thinking stage but getting closer ... I can feel it!

4. Add an extra day of moving/exercise per week.
Just found the time to do this and it feels amazing. Bought some new kicks this weekend so bring on the movement!

5. Work on a craft project per week.
Been doing more thinking than doing on this goal but I can feel it coming together. Hello Crafty May!

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