Monday, April 30, 2012

this weekend

Friday ... For some reason I was craving a Margarita all day long at work on Friday. It was such a productive work day because I was coming off of three events in a row so I had a lot of follow-up to do and the emails were flowing. Chad came to my work to take my car through Air Care (it passed but what a stupid system) and I told him I needed a Margarita - ha ha. So after work I swung by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of Skinnygirl Margaritas and headed home to throw a pizza in the oven for dinner. Now that is how we do Friday nights! We watched "Main St." which was okay. It played like I was reading a novel instead of watching a movie. It was an early night for us because we were planning on getting up early Saturday morning.

Saturday ... We woke up early and hit Timmy's drive thru and then headed across the line to get our shopping on. Got some clothes, new runners and lots of groceries/toiletries that were on our shopping list for a while. It all added up but it sure felt good to cross those items off of our list! We had lunch at 5 Guys and then headed home to unpack all of our goodies. Later on we went to dinner with our good friends Leah and Daryl. We had a delicious meal at Lou's Grill in Abbotsford. I had the Cajun Seafood Fettuccine and I cannot wait to have left-overs for lunch on Monday. So good!

Sunday ... I got to sleep in (heaven)! When I woke up Chad was downstairs working on finishing our railing with his Dad so I lounged around for a bit and finished reading "celebraTORI" by Tori Spelling. Such a cute book - lots of old and new ideas and tons of inspiration.

At around noon I headed to my friend Donna's house. We went to the local courts and played tennis for about an hour. I have not played tennis since high school and ... I LOVED IT! Can't wait to go out again. Such a great work-out! After our rallying, we headed back to Donna's for sangria and lentil soup for lunch. Delicious. Swung by and visited by parents for a bit and then headed home to make french onion soup, garlic buns and salad for dinner. Yes ma'am - I sure ate well this weekend :) After I cleaned up and got our lunches ready for Monday, we popped in our latest DVD purchase - "Gods of the Arena". We have seen "Spartacus" so I was excited to see what happened before that storyline. Man alive - it did not disappoint. We are two episodes in and it is so full of gore and sex ... I LOVE IT! Ha ha. Just goes to show you a little bit more about my personality eh? Hope you all had wonderful weekends too! Bring on Monday!

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