Friday, April 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th Friends! My focus isn't really on the fact that it is the 13th, more that it is Friday :) This week has flown by. We were off Monday and then I had an event on Wednesday which always speeds things up. It was a great week - got a lot accomplished and the sun was shining quite a bit so I am a happy girl.

Tonight I am taking my mom to get her hair done and then we are meeting up with the guys for dinner as a belated celebration to my mom's birthday yesterday. Going to get a great evening - the guys are going to get us a table at the Cactus Club in Abbotsford and watch game 2 of the Canucks and then we will meet them for dinner and drinks. 

Last night I grabbed a couple of movies on the way home and Chad was wrapped up in listening to the Blackhawks game on the computer so I watched "The Ides of March". Other than the fact that I love both Ryan and George, I didn't follow this movie much at all - I am so not a politically charged person let alone US politics so a lot of the conversations and jargon was lost on me. Interesting story line though - and so realistic from what we hear about politics - but it just wasn't a very good movie.

I also rented "Thor" (for Chad) and "The Change-Up" (which I hear is incredibly funny) so hopefully those two will fair better this weekend. Have a great weekend!

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