Monday, April 23, 2012

my weekend

Friday ...
I woke up Friday morning and didn't want to deal with any stress so I pulled together leftovers for lunch, watched 'Grey's Anatomy' while getting ready for work and treated myself to Starbucks for breakfast. After work I made a rum and coke (must have needed it because it tasted so good!), threw in a load of laundry and watched 'The Office' on the computer while Chad made a roast dinner. Chad had some problems with the BBQ and even though he was frustrated, I thought dinner turned out fabulously - even though I am not a fan of red meat - especially roast. After cleaning up we watched 'Rum Diary' with Johnny Depp. It was awesome because it starred Johnny Depp but that was about all it did for me.

Saturday ...
When I woke up this morning I had a hot bath, read 'The Hunger Games' (getting so freaking good) and then met my girlfriend Tara at her house in Surrey. We did some major wedding planning shopping and went to Ikea, HomeSense, Michaels, the Adidas store and Bed Bath and Beyond. In between all that we had a delicious lunch at Cactus Club in Coquitlam. Sangria, calamari and fish tacos - so good. After she dropped me off at my car, I went and hung out with my mom for a bit and waited for Chad to come back after finishing all his power rake details - he is in serious Spring yard cleaning mode right now! After a quick visit with my parents, we rented some movies and got Chinese food for dinner. We watched 'The Green Hornet'. It was okay - Chad liked it and I like Ryan Reynolds so it was a win-win :)

Sunday ...
Chad woke up before I did so when I woke up I read for a bit. When I finally got up to make breakfast and clean the house (my plan that I told him about the night before), he informed me we were going to the nursery so - Sunday plans quickly changed. We picked up Timmy's along the way but the nursery by our house was closed so we went to Port Kells nursery and then - my favourite - Aarts because I get to drive a golf cart! After that we visited my parents for a bit and dropped off a plant Chad had bought for my mom. When we got home I made us chicken wraps for lunch and then I cleaned the upstairs and reorganized the craft room while Chad worked outside - felt so good to do a deep cleaning! After cleaning up, Chad watched the Canucks lose (boo!) while I watched 'I Don't Know How She Does It' - cute movie but I still like the book better - one of my all time favourites. We had leftover Chinese food for dinner and then Chad's mom freaked us out - she stopped by and we so weren't expecting a visitor :) Read before crashing. And now - my crazy week begins!

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