Friday, April 20, 2012

friday's list

Pet Peeves of the Day:

  1. When people say they are going to email you or call you back and they don't. That makes you a liar.
  2. When people have an email address, advertise for you to contact them that way and then they do not respond to your email. That makes you a liar.
  3. When you exaggerate. You are lying.
  4. When you change the rules. One day you believe one thing and the next day you change your mind. You are lying again.
  5. When you blame me for something that has gone wrong with a project that I was not even involved in. That is lame and when you indicate to other people that it was my fault well then - guess what - you are lying.
  6. Liars.
Ahh ... I feel better :) Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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