Wednesday, April 11, 2012

life IS good

Today is going to be a good day. Why? Just because I said so. I've learned that it is up to me to choose to have good days because I never know what is going to get thrown at me at any given time - I choose how I react to it. I have an event this afternoon and then tonight is soccer practice - with probably pizza for dinner in between. Seriously - who can complain? Life IS good.

I went for a massage yesterday after work and I am not lying one little bit when I say that my massage therapist works miracles. He is magical - I feel like I am re-energized, re-aligned, re-focused and ready for a hot bath and a nap after our monthly visits. He has such a calming spirit about him to begin with and as we have spent more time together, we feel more comfortable with each other and I find this has helped heal my body in ways I couldn't imagine. Last Wednesday at our in-door gym soccer practice one of the girls on my team but who was on the other scrimmage team ran into me ... hard. Like so hard I had tears falling from my eyes from the shock and not the pain. I took a few minutes to go sit outside in the sunshine and catch my breath. I knew it wasn't a normal hit into the back - I knew that something wasn't right. Well it turns out that I had whiplash - my massage therapist said that he has seen people with less damage after getting hit by a truck in a car accident. I was angry at first when my own teammate did this to me and didn't apologize but I realize now that she had no idea what happened. It still hurts and it will hurt but it was accident. Another choice - move on.

I saw this on Facebook today and it really made me think ... how much love am I really giving to the word? To my loved ones? To my friends? To strangers? Something to think about ...
Our highest power is love, and it is one thing each of us has an unlimited amount of. How much love do you give to others in one day? Each day we have an opportunity to set out with this great, unlimited power in our possession, and pour it over every person and circumstance. Love is appreciating, complimenting, feeling gratitude, and speaking good words to others. We have so much love to give, and the more that we give, the more we receive. From The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne.

Anywho - enough with the sappy stuff. I've been doing a ton of reading lately and am not entirely sure what I did before a) I had a library card and b) Chad bought me a Kobo. I am currently obsessed with Kristin Hannah. I've read and listened to some of her books before but my Kobo is filled with her novels - stories about love, faith, family and relationships. Easy reading but the characters are so well developed that you can see them - I think that is the sign of a great author - one who brings the reader right into the story and doesn't make them think to much, just read and enjoy the ride. I just finished reading "Angel Falls" and loved it.

And this is where my library card comes in ... it was finally my turn to read "Kardashian Konfidential". I was super excited because I really do love any book that is set up like a scrapbook but I got about 1/4 of the way through and realized that the writing was so bad, I just flipped through the rest of the book and looked at the photos. Not a fan of the Kardashians but have become a bit obsessed - is Kim really dating Kanye? Is Khloe moving back to LA now that her hubby is no longer with the basketball team? I know, I KNOW - pathetic but hey - they keep reporting stories about them, I just happen to read them :)

Happy Hump Day Friends! Enjoy the start of spring and all that it has to offer - sunshine, daffodils and raindrops!

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