Tuesday, January 7, 2014

taking stock // january 2014

Charlotte Monroe ~ 4 Days Young

Making // plans for the rest of the year.
Cooking // more and more crockpot meals.
Drinking // as many liquids as I can during the day - breastfeeding sure makes a girl thirsty!
Reading // blogs I follow on bloglovin - don't have much time for reading these days.
Wanting // Charlotte to stop being so fussy at bedtime.
Looking // forward to my husband's birthday on Friday.
Playing // lots of Bejeweled on my iPad.
Wasting // days watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.
Wishing // that Charlotte would take a bottle on the odd occasion here or there. (Same wish as last month.)
Enjoying // our happy baby girl.
Liking // that I am clearing away as much clutter as I can to make our house more of a home.
Wondering // when Charlotte will sleep through the night.
Loving // weekends when my husband is home for 2 whole days!
Hoping // to be able to get to see my grandmother this month for her 91st birthday.
Marvelling // at the fact that we have a 3 month old.
Needing // more movement in my daily routine.
Smelling // my morning coffee. Delicious!
Wearing // yoga pants and hoodie all the live long day. (Same as last month - ha ha.)
Following // my calendar so I don't lose track of any appointments.
Noticing // that Charlotte likes to hold her hands all the time. Wonder when she will clap?
Knowing // that life is good.
Thinking // about how fast 3 months have flown by but also how perfectly on track the time seems to be.
Giggling // at the fact that I am pretty sure our 3 month old says, "I love you" and "Hi".
Feeling // grateful. Always.

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