Thursday, January 2, 2014

dear santa, i forgot to ask for ...

My girlfriend and I were talking the other day about her charm bracelet, and how she loves to collect charms for each special occasion and milestone in her life. She has a knock-off bracelet but would like to one day invest in an official Pandora bracelet.

When my husband and I were walking through the mall before Christmas, I noticed a Pandora store and it got me thinking that - after becoming a mom - I would like one too to help me remember all the special moments in my life. I am not a huge fan of the dangling charm bracelets (even though I could definitely get behind a Tiffany one) but could really see myself wearing one of Pandora's bead style charm bracelets.

So Santa (a.k.a. Hubby) - keep this on your list, and here is some inspiration. I am pretty sure I will be nice the whole year through!

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