Monday, January 13, 2014

is my 3 month old watching too much tv?!

We don't have cable but we do subscribe to Netflix, and my husband and I like to watch as series at a time. Right now we are making our way through Nip/Tuck (and I'm watching Friday Night Lights during the day when he's at work). If you've seen Nip/Tuck you know that there's at least one scene per episode that is hard to watch - when they are performing a plastic surgery procedure. The other night we were playing with our 3 month old and I realized that she was watching the TV. Intently.
Then the next day she was crying. It took me a while but I figured out that she was annoyed that she wasn't facing the TV. Seriously.

Daddy and Charlotte watching a children's movie, not Nip/Tuck :)
I get that she is just now seeing colours and recognizing sounds, etc. but it feels like she is actually 'watching' TV. Is this okay? Each day we play, have tummy time, read a book and listen to music - but I enjoy having the TV on in the background because it keeps me company. But am I already rotting my child's brain?

I did a quick Google search and it turns out I'm not alone in my musing:
I get it. Excessive TV isn't good for anyone but I don't plop my baby in front of the TV and leave her. It's on most of the day in the background and even though she's fussy at night, she naps fine all day long. The moving colours and objects, and the sounds coming from the TV are fascinating to her right now - and eventually she will watch education DVDs, etc. - but I don't plan on using TV as a babysitter, and will limit her viewing pleasure when she is a bit older and can actually hold a toy.

So, in my books, we are all good ... I might just keep the Nip/Tuck until after she goes to bed from now on.

In front of the TV (again - watching a children's movie) - bad parenting or pure genius?

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