Monday, January 6, 2014

four hands are definitely better than two

First 50 Day Photos of Charlotte with Fotor Photo Editor

I am now 3 months into this new mother role and am feeling more comfortable with each passing day. I feel like Charlotte trusts me and knows that her her momma will come to the rescue when needed. I still have my moments - lord do I have my moments. My anxiety takes off like a rocket some days and I find everything hard but I've realized that these days are usually directly related to me not getting enough sleep.

The holidays were more quieter than normal but I think they still overstimulated little Charlotte and overwhelmed her. My husband was off between Christmas and New Years and I was so grateful to have him around. I don't need help but it is so appreciated when it is available. Even him just doing a few diaper changes throughout the day gives me a bit of a break and doesn't make me feel like I'm the only one who can do these things. Charlotte still isn't taking to a bottle so I am 100% responsible for feeding her therefore a break on some of the other "baby tasks" does this momma a world of good.

I completely understand the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" with every fiber of my being now. I get it. Moms need breaks. Dads need breaks. Help is needed and appreciated. No one can do it all on their own and do it well.

New Year's Eve was fun and spent at our friends' home. My girlfriend celebrated her 35th birthday on New Year's Eve and I was happy to be there with her and her family. BUT - and this is a big but - we probably should have just stayed home. Poor Charlotte was a terror for two nights straight - it was a bit of a disaster. She cried, I cried, dad yelled - it was a mess. But then I realized that babies cry. Moms cry. Dads yell. Life happens. No one is hurt or unhealthy, babies just cry sometimes. And spit up and get cranky. It's all just part of the journey. But when those moments go from good to bad in a split second, I am able to handle it so much better when my husband is there by my side - four hands make it all so much easier than just my two.

Now that we are back into our regular schedule with me being at home with Charlotte during the day and my husband at work from Monday to Friday, I am more calm. I am able to handle it all a little bit better because I know he will be home at the end of the day and we all get to spend the weekends together. I am very grateful for those times. Life is good. Some moments are bad (okay - horrible) but the good moments, they are glorious!

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