Friday, January 3, 2014

maximize your productivity

I have been told that I am the most organized person that most people have met. Not always in my environment, my definitely in my head. I can put a plan together in no time - and break items down so that anyone can accomplish any task. I have always been able to plan, organize and strategize with ease - it's just my thing but it took me years to realize that. I am always looking for ways to help improve my organizational skills - to be as productive as I can be - especially now that I'm a new mom (props to all organized mommas out there).

I started to write a post about being productive and then I came across this post from A Beautiful Mess (love those ladies) and I couldn't have written it better myself: 10 Tips for a Productive Life. There are 10 easy tips (habits) to help you get stuff done. I do most of these things on a regular basis but this post has inspired me to be more accountable and consistency.

Enjoy friends and if you don't already, follow A Beautiful Mess - So. Much. Inspiration!

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