Friday, January 24, 2014

1st time mom review series // nursing bras and tank tops

When I was almost ready to pop, I went out and tried on a bunch of different nursing bras and tanktops only to be told to come back about a week after the baby was born. What?! How the hell was I going to go shopping a week after the baby was born? How was I going to get out of the house and feel comfortable enough to try things on and afford the astronomical price of a nursing bra (some of those things are expensive ya'all)?!
I actually didn't think I was going to leave the house in the first year of having my baby but I did, and I survived - ha ha. And I survived the dilemma of what to wear to nurse my newborn too.
Almost 4 months in and I still find myself in yoga pants and a sweatshirt 90% of the time but whatever works right?
When Charlotte was born, a good friend of mine gave me a few of her nursing bras and tanks to use. I was so grateful. They were a bit big (she has huge ta ta's) but I made them work just so I didn't have to go shopping. I am still wearing them but have progressed and added to my options.
My new favourite nursing bra is this one from Target. Some of the reviews say that it isn't comfortable but honestly, I find that anything I have to adjust a dozen times a day so my baby can eat might be a bit uncomfortable from time to time. And it's pretty - bonus! I bought and XL and have to use a bra extender to make it fit properly. Oh well - way more cost effective in the long run than purchasing a bra from a maternity store.
(I could only find these in the States and not in Canada)
*Please, PLEASE do not buy a nursing bra with underwire. If you find one that fits well, and you wait a little bit after your body settles in after giving birth, trust me, you will not feel the need for underwire support.
One of the things that my friend passed on to me that I didn't realize I would be so grateful to have were slimming tank tops. Hers were a few years old and well loved from Walmart, and if I could have bought more I would have but I couldn't find them anywhere. I purchased one of these in white and one in black and wear them under my clothes to feel more secure. Again - from good old Target!
(I bought my black one in the States and my white one in Canada)
I tried on several different nursing tanks but found that they either fit funny, or the boob area was too big or too small - I couldn't find anything that fit perfectly. Therefore, I have a Walmart/Target combo that I wear every night to bed now. These are the best (and least expensive) nursing tanks I have found. Buy black though and not white, because your milk will stain and they are see through (white is, not black).
(You can buy these in Canada and the States)
(You can buy these at Canadian Walmart stores but I just ordered my last 2 from because I couldn't find larges in any of my local stores)
Remember - buy black everything because your milk will leak and it will stain.
There you have it, what works for me as a 1st time mom. I know my wardrobe choices will change over the next year but this works for me right now and, I didn't spend a fortune, and, I am comfortable.
What is your go to 1st time mommy outfit?

Are you a 1st Time Mom and trying to figure it out as you go along too? Feel free to leave me a comment with any questions and I will be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks for reading!

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