Thursday, May 31, 2012


  • Business Breakfast Club event on tax issues for charities and not-for-profits. Another success!
  • Facebook seminar. Learned so much and am so excited for my Twitter one at the end of June.
  • Made a turkey wrap for lunch.
  • Walked to Dollar Store and Fields ... got some fun finds and treats. 
  • Finished listening to "Winter Garden" on my walk. Holy - I had chills. This one was long and involved but still true to Kristin Hannah because it was about families and their relationships as they develop throughout the years. The end was AMAZING!
  • Emptied the dishwasher and got a turkey casserole ready for dinner. 
  • Wrapped my little cousin Alyshia's birthday/graduation gifts. Cannot wait to celebrate with her on Friday!
  • Painted my nails.
  • Put dinner in the oven.
  • Made a caramel drizzle coffee.
  • Read 'Skinny Dipping'.
  • Had dinner by myself because Chad was running late.
  • Realized that I had ruined two nails so I had to go take my fresh nail polish off. Huge bummer - bigger bummer that my manicure I got on Sunday was chipped by Monday :( I don't know if I will ever learn!
  • Soccer game at McMillan Island in Fort Langley. 
  • We lost 4 to 3 but we should have killed them ... and I scored which feels good :)
  • Wine and chat with my Ninjas in the rain. 
  • Home to have a hot bath to warm up, and read before hitting the sack.

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