Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday was another rough one. I have been tired all week for no real reason at all. Every time I yawn or say that I am tired, Chad asks me why? I have no clue but he is kind of famous for asking me questions that I can't really answer (and for never answering my questions). Long weekend recovery/withdrawal maybe? Or now that I am getting older, I am really feeling the affects of the weather being so inconsistent? Who knows but one thing is for sure - I am glad it is Friday. 

After work I headed home and made a quick dinner of pizza and wings - pizza was on the menu and Chad got some wings off a guy at work so I had less of both and still felt okay about myself - ha ha. After I cleaned up and threw in a load of laundry, and then went for my walk. I bailed on walking on Tuesday night so I couldn't forget about it last night - at least the sun was shining :) Home to relax for a bit and finish the first season of "3rd Rock from the Sun". I never really watched the series back in the day but it was one of Chad's (and his mom's) favourites so I picked it up from the library. Season two is all ready for us this weekend but after the finale last night - when Dick's "replacement" shows up - I remember why I wasn't really into it before. We will see what happens. Bring on the weekend!

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