Tuesday, May 1, 2012

last night

I had a crazy busy Monday at work and I loved every single minute of it! I am working with a Communications Consultant on some plans for my work and my position. I am a huge dork but I love learning new things at work. After being here 5 years, I get caught up in a lot of "to do" lists so it is nice to focus on something new.

Since my work day was so busy, I had to do some running around after work. Went and renewed my car insurance and the lady was so helpful. Switched to private Family insurance and paid pretty much the same as I would ICBC but the coverage is so much better with Family. Sure felt good and safe leaving the insurance office :) Cashed my pay cheque and filled my gas tank and headed home. Made a quick and delicious throw together dinner - rice and soy sauce (left over from Sunday night), fried veggie sausages, salad and steamed stir-fry veggie mix. It worked!

Chad seemed ridiculously tired so I went for a walk after cleaning up and when I came back, him and Lexxus were curled up and snoring away so I let them be and went and watched the new "Footloose". I was EXTREMELY skeptical because the original Footloose is a classic but I have to say - I really enjoyed it. Chad was having none of it no matter what so I was happy to watch it on my own :)

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