Thursday, May 31, 2012

june goals

Time to reflect back on my May Goals and to look forward to June!

1. Eat more slowly, say grace and think before eating.
May: Working on this. This has always been a struggle for me but when I do take my time to eat and enjoy what is going into my body, the process is much more rewarding. This will always be on my "goal/to do" list I think.
June: Still working on this but have gotten really great at writing down what I am grateful for every day using the Wonderful Days journal app as well as using the MyFitnessPal app. Can't cross this one off the list yet but there is definitely progress happening!

2. Brainstorm more ways to use my organizational skills for a possible career choice.
May: My mind has been working at this every day and night. Still in the thinking stage but getting closer ... I can feel it!
June: Unfortunately I haven't made much progress on this one so it has to stay on the list!

4. Add an extra day of moving/exercise per week.

May: Just found the time to do this and it feels amazing. Bought some new kicks this weekend so bring on the movement!
June: DONE! And will continue my walk/run plan throughout the summer!

5. Work on a craft project per week.
May: Been doing more thinking than doing on this goal but I can feel it coming together. Hello Crafty May!
June: Dreaming but not doing. Must DO in June!

6. Get back to making jewelry.
7. Get my recipe project in order and start cooking them!
8. Read a little every day.

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