Friday, May 11, 2012

hello friday, nice to see you again

Happy Friday Friends! It is hard to believe how quickly the weeks run away from us. Oh well - nothing you can do but hold on and enjoy the ride! It is beautiful outside today - the sun is shining and there is a light breeze. Unfortunately I am stuck in the office until 5:00 though but thankfully my office has a whole wall of windows. Small blessings :)

This is for all my Ninja friends. Since our soccer team changed its name to the Ninjas, we crack ourselves up when we find anything Ninja related and post it on Facebook. Yes, we realize, we are huge dorks. But at least we are Ninja dorks :)

Saw this on Lauren Conrad's blog this morning and it cracked me up. Can you imagine ...

Chad and I watched "Arthur" last night and it was just what I thought - horrible. The only good thing about it was Helen Mirren but in that same thought - why the heck would such a wonderfully talented actress take on such a dumb movie in the first place? Russell Brand is such a moron - how in the world does he have more money than I do without any talent whatsoever?

At a recent work event, I purchased the Bona floor cleaning system from Nufloors Langley and it is amazing. We have laminate flooring so they just switched out the hardwood floor cleaner for the laminate cleaner. It works like a charm and I have now gotten rid of my Swiffer WetJet (horrible for floors in the long term - so many chemicals) and my steamer (shouldn't use it on laminate floors and we don't have enough tile to justify keeping it around). Since we moved in to our home in June 2010, I have been trying to find the perfect (and easiest) way to clean my floors - and I just did! I think the whole unit was about $60.00 but a good investment in my books!

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